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U.S. company, Capstone Turbine, launches cutting edge power technology in Angola

LUANDA, Angola, April 28, 2016/APO (African Press Organization)/ --

On April 28th in Luanda, Capstone Turbine of the United States, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy, presented a technical seminar to launch their highly effective power technology in Angola.  Capstone’s technology can run on a wide range of cost-saving fuel sources.  

Angolan companies and government representatives in the fields of energy production, agriculture, and infrastructure development, joined Capstone to explore how the company’s cost-effective and highly efficient Microturbine energy solutions can contribute to business and production goals.

U.S. Embassy Senior Commercial Officer Julia Rauner Guerrero opened the event.  In her remarks she emphasized that fuel-efficient technologies such as Capstone’s offer a significant opportunity to improve the competitiveness and productivity of Angolan industry, agriculture and other applications with significant power source requirements.  

Capstone microturbines are based on cutting-edge technologies used in aircraft engines but made available in compact sizes. They are designed to be a full-time energy supply, and have the capacity to operate using a variety of fuels including biogas (such as agricultural waste), flare gas, and natural gas, to make robust and reliable sources of clean energy.   Capstone Director for Africa and the Middle East, Augusto Farro, highlighted that one of their applications is “designed for agricultural waste to be used as a fuel source to produce electricity, allowing for significant cost savings compared to alternative diesel fuel as well as long usage life with nominal maintenance.”  Characteristics, he emphasized, which were ideal for remote rural locations.

Capstone Turbine Corporation (, based in Chatsworth, California, in the United States, was established in 1988.  It develops, manufactures, sells, and services Microturbine energy systems. In Angola, they are represented by Tomás de Oliveira Empreiteiros S.A.

The Commercial Service Office of the United States Embassy in Angola helps US companies enter the Angolan market, and supports Angolan companies in the search for equipment, technology and U.S. service solutions. 

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