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Coronavirus - Africa: Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, UN High-Level Forum aims to chart pathways toward a sustainable recovery

The virtual ten-day Forum convened by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) takes place as the global death toll from COVID-19 has passed 500,000

Facing the devastating impacts of COVID-19, which is threatening decades of progress in improving people’s lives, countries are meeting at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development from 7 to 16 July to chart the best paths forward to a healthier, more equitable world. The virtual ten-day…

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Coronavirus - Africa: Amid COVID-19, African church leaders say availing quality seeds to farmers can help beat food insecurity

Citizens in some of the continent’s countries are facing hunger and serious food shortages after governments implemented stringent anti-COVID-19 measures

As African nations begin opening after months of coronavirus closures, church officials and agricultural experts are stressing an immediate supply of quality seeds to farmers to help tackle a predicted food crisis. Citizens in some of the continent’s countries are facing hunger and serious food shortages after governments implemented stringent anti-COVID-19…

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
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    • Coronavirus - Africa: United Nations in West and Central Africa concerned over increased vulnerabilities of migrants amid COVID-19
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Coronavirus - Africa: United Nations in West and Central Africa concerned over increased vulnerabilities of migrants amid COVID-19

Over 30,000 migrants are currently stranded at borders and more than 2,000 are waiting to be assisted in overcrowded transit centers where they are at heightened risk of COVID-19 infection

The Regional United Nations Network on Migration together with the Regional UN-SDG COVID-19 Executive Committee in West and Central Africa are concerned with the wellbeing of millions of migrants across the region amid the COVID-19 crisis. While they face the same health threats from COVID-19 as any other human being,…

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Coronavirus - Cameroon: 145 Commonwealth Points of Light

Her Majesty The Queen recognises Cameroonian volunteer with Commonwealth Points of Light award for service during COVID-19 pandemic

The story of Comfort Mussa - Comfort Mussa is the founder of SISTERSPEAK237, which supports disabled and vulnerable people in Yaounde by coordinating the provision of hand sanitisers and masks, and sharing key messaging around COVID-19. Comfort has also started a project across the seven regions of Cameroon to ensure that…

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Coronavirus – South Africa: Government commences urgent investigation into the supply of scrap to the Metals Industry in response to COVID-19

The downturn in global manufacturing resulting from COVID-19, has led to the amount of scrap metal available locally and internationally being dramatically reduced

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic), Mr Ebrahim Patel, has today issued a trade policy directive to the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC) to urgently look into measures to help support the metals industry which, as a result of COVID-19, is facing several severe…

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Coronavirus - Libya: On the one year anniversary of the bloody attack on the Tajoura Detention Centre, the UN renews its call for the closure of migration Detention Centres and accountability

Libya grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, with detained migrants and asylum seekers who are vulnerable and exposed

Today marks one year since the airstrike on the Tajoura Detention Centre which resulted in the killing of at least 52 migrants and the injury of 87 others in one of the deadliest incidents since the launch of the attack on Tripoli in April 2019. The attack on Tajoura, where migrants and refugees…

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African ministers, social partners join International Labour Organization (ILO) high-level summit on COVID-19 and the World of Work

The pandemic has devastated the world of work, causing massive human suffering and exposing the extreme vulnerability of millions of workers and enterprises on the continent

More than 50 African ministers of labour or employment, along with representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations and international organizations joined the International Labour Organization ( Regional Office for Africa on Thursday, 2 July for a virtual forum to discuss how to address the economic and social impact of the…