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Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management enter Africa market

The two companies are already well-known in Europe

The majority of the partners receive income in the amount of one or a few thousand dollars on a monthly basis

MADRID, Spain, September 19, 2016/APO/ --

The partner companies Questra World ( and Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM) ( enter African market this year. The two companies are already well-known in Europe. Questra World is the independent advertising broker that promotes Atlantic Global Asset Management.

Atlantic Global Asset Management was founded in January of 2016. Today the company is dealing with the purchase and sale of the assets and is engaged in rehabilitation of bankrupt companies. AGAM also prepares companies for IPO, supports start-ups, buys and sells real estate. Important fact: due to the collaboration with Questra World and its extensive partner network, a huge number of people around the world are provided with jobs and a decent income.

This Atlantic Global Asset Management has opened its office in Cape Verde and now the company is ready to enter African market. The representatives of the two partner companies explained their decision to start working in Africa and talked about the perspectives of the holding in an interview that follows.


The activity of Atlantic Global Asset Management can be compared to an agronomist’s work. The only difference is that instead of plants and crops there are young and promising companies and financial institutions that need the assistance of the experienced specialist, who grown and harvested many crops. The specialists of the holding are dealing with the purchase and sale of so-called "toxic" assets, releasing banks from this burden, put in order the assets of companies, standing on the cusp of bankruptcy, "fertilize" them as consistent with precisely calculated system. We talked with the holding representatives, the president of Atlantic Global Asset Management ( Antonino Robalo and CEO of the company Questra World ( Jose Manul Gelobert, about how they were able to take advantage of crisis time, and how the company would develop further.

 - The holding that includes your companies was founded in 2009. It was not the best time to start a business, the world only began to recover after the crisis.

A.R.: Quite the opposite! It is not a secret that the crisis is also a time of great opportunities. It is important to be able to take advantage them. During the first year, we were able to earn ten million euro, and not in spite of, but due to the crisis.

 - How did it happen?

A.R.: This money was earned due to the purchase and sale of debt obligations at the European financial markets. In brief, as a result of the crisis of 2008, banks and other financial institutions have accumulated a lot of "toxic" assets (the kind of assets that started to bear losses instead of profit). There were so many of them, that they have been sold with huge discounts. Of course, banks could theoretically wait until the world economy begins to recover, and toxic assets will again be “normal”. But in reality, they needed the hard cash as soon as possible.

 - Why couldn’t the banks sell assets at a high price, and you could?

A.R.: The reason is the complexity of the disposal procedure of pledged property. There is one special moment when the asset price is minimal, and you need to be a "professional" buyer to find this moment and to make a deal. In other words, you should know thoroughly all the nuances.

 - What kind of property did you buy in most cases?

A.R.: Our portfolio consisted mainly of commercial real estate, land and large industrial and agricultural equipment.

 - The whole scheme sounds pretty risky.

A.R.: Every kind of business involves risk. However, we pass the audit regularly and successfully, and our structure is transparent, so you can be sure we have both feet firmly on the ground, and no serious problems could be hidden.

 - Well, we figured out how to make money during the crisis. But the company cannot live from crisis to crisis. What else is the holding doing?

A.R.: Of course, we are dealing not only with toxic assets. We are engaged in rehabilitation of bankrupt companies. That is, we buy them, select the direction in which the company could be successful, cut off all the others unnecessary and unprofitable activities. In fact, we are creating a new company on the ruins of the old one. The rest is paperwork. We prepare the "renewed" company for IPO and sell it much more expensive than it was purchased. In this case, profit can be measured in thousands of percent. In addition, we provide support to start-ups, buy and sell real estate. We also plan to start management support services, business consulting and management.

 - Was that the reason for the recent restructuring of the holding?

M.G.: Yes, today we present two companies. The first one is Atlantic Global Asset Management and the second one is Questra World, which provides marketing and consulting support AGAM around the world. The main feature of the company Questra World, as the independent advertising broker that promotes Atlantic Global Asset Management, is the possibility to open official representative offices in those countries where local laws did not allow doing it earlier. Thus, we have opened a new office in Cape Verde and got there the license for financial activities. In general, during 2017 we plan to open offices in 17-18 countries. Grand plans.

 - Why Cape Verde?

A.R.: There are many reasons. Briefly, in this country we are able to work comfortably. It is a small, well-placed country. It has a stable currency, and the economy is growing despite the low level of business activity. In addition, and this is important too, we have good relations with the country's leadership.

 - Do you need local partners to be successful in work?

 - M.G.: Yes, our partner is Ecobank. This is one of the largest banks in Africa, and it is convenient to work with it for both for us and members of our affiliate network. The proof is our long-term cooperation with the bank. What is important, Ecobank respects the privacy of deposits as well as we respect it. All the investors’ accounts are anonymous and the bank has the right not to respond to requests from any structures and organizations.

 - What do you plan to do in Africa?

M.G.: We are expanding our affiliate network Questra World in Africa. The network has shown good results in other regions. A few tens of thousands of partners are working with us today, received only for the first 8 months of this year, bonuses totaling more than 8 million euros. I am sure that after we start to work in Africa, these figures will increase significantly.

 - What revenues members of your affiliate network can expect?

M.G.: To that effect, it is better to see our website  There are all the necessary information, and the ability to contact the call center where trained professionals will explain opportunities to invest or create your own affiliate network.

The maximum bonus that we expect to pay in the coming months is 1 million euro. The majority of the partners receive income in the amount of one or a few thousand dollars on a monthly basis. I want to note that in addition to good bonuses, there are other positive aspects. For example, our partners are able to take out a loan at 0% for the purchase of a new car or house. Also, we will compensate over half the cost of opening a new representative office. The registration ( has already begun.

 - Is offer in effect only for individuals?

M.G.: No, starting from this year we are working with legal entities. Agent agreement or director contract can be signed on behalf of the company.

 - What do you reckon on in Africa?

M.G.: We reckon on the flurry of activity of our potential partners and their genuine interest in our common business.

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