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Supply chain nightmare: Threat actors could use third-party software to gain entry into enterprises - Kaspersky Lab’s Threat Predictions for 2018

Other hard-to-block attacks, such as those involving high-end mobile malware are also set to rise as attackers resort to new tricks to breach increasingly well protected targets

In the coming year, the world will see more legitimate software being poisoned by groups targeting wider victim profiles and geographies, with the added advantage that such attacks are extremely hard to spot and mitigate, according to Kaspersky Lab’s Targeted Threat Predictions for 2018. Other hard-to-block attacks, such as those…

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Ecobank Group Research reveals three key emerging trends for Africa

Digital innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa is being driven by the explosion in mobile phone usage, enabling African consumers to leapfrog existing business models and technologies

Rebounding economy after a trying year Gas is West Africa’s new oil Africa’s evolving role in FinTech leadership The 2017 version of Ecobank Research’s Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities (FICC) Guidebook, which provides expert knowledge and analysis on African markets for investors and businesses, was launched today at AfricaFICC. Indicating…

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7th edition of the Orange Social Entrepreneur Prize in Africa and the Middle East, Prize List 2017

A new feature in this year’s 7th edition was a national phase during which each of Orange’s 17 subsidiaries in Africa and the Middle East taking part in the contest studied the projects submitted in their country and appointed local winners

Yesterday Orange (www.Orange.com) announced the winners of the 7th Orange Social Entrepreneur Prize 2017 in Africa and the Middle East during the AfricaCom Awards in Cape Town, South Africa. Each year this Prize rewards innovative projects based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) which help improve the living conditions of…

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Ericsson Report: 310 million LTE subscriptions in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2023

The report also announces that mobile subscriptions in Sub-Saharan Africa are expected to grow by six percent, between 2017 and 2023, from 700 million mobile subscriptions in 2017 to 990 million subscriptions by 2023

LTE subscriptions will expand by 47 percent from 30 million in 2017 to 310 million by 2023 in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Sub-Saharan Africa mobile broadband subscriptions are forecasted to grow by 16 percent from 350 million in 2017 to 880 million by 2023.  The first 5G subscriptions in the Middle East…

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Konnect Africa Brings Wi-Fi to Rural African Communities

Company unveils SmartWIFI service offering at AfricaCom 2017

Konnect Africa (www.Konnect-Africa.com), the Eutelsat-owned satellite broadband service provider, has unveiled SmartWIFI, a new hotspot service, as part of its ongoing commitment to bring digital opportunities to Africans. This new service leverages Konnect Africa’s powerful, reliable satellite broadband network to enable sales outlets (retailers, hospitalities, gas stations, etc.) as well…

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Angola Cables expands South Africa presence

New Point of Presence (PoP) in Cape Town complements Johannesburg PoP to address local demand and expand peering capabilities

To further expand its network reach and peering capabilities, Angola Cables (www.AngolaCables.co.ao) announced today that it expects to establish a Point of Presence (PoP) in Cape Town before the end of the year. After almost a year of operations in South Africa, the company has seen exponential growth in its…

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Facebook focuses on connecting Africa at AfricaCom Cape Town 2017

Announcing a new Express Wi-Fi by Facebook partnership with Tizeti in Nigeria at AfricaCom, this partnership joins Surf in Kenya and Coollink in Nigeria

As part of Facebook's (www.Facebook.com) mission to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, the Facebook connectivity and platform partnerships team will be on the ground in Cape Town at AfricaCom 2017 (http://APO.af/lb7KAQ) from 7-10 November. Taking part in a number of events, these…

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South Atlantic Cable System begins the deep-water installation

First-of-its-kind cable connecting Africa and South America 75% complete

South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), the first submarine cable system across the South Atlantic is in the final stretch of its installation between Africa and South America. Angola Cables (www.AngolaCables.co.ao), the company overseeing installation and the operations of SACS, and NEC Corporation (http://APO.af/7AYzHU), a Japanese system integrator of highest quality…

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Nokia shapes the future of technology in Africa to transform human experiences

Visit Nokia at stand C95 at this year’s AfricaCom

AfricaCom 2017 (http://APO.af/lb7KAQ) will be a landmark event for Nokia (www.Nokia.com) as it showcases how the company is shaping the future of technology to transform human experiences with effortless, simple and dependable technologies. Nokia continues to shape the future by expanding the human possibilities of technology in Africa and connecting the…

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Orange announces improved Internet and mobile services connectivity in Africa with the launch of two new IP and IPX Points of Presence in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa

Following the launch of these two new IP and IPX PoPs in South Africa, Orange will now be able to fully address the market’s needs

Today, Orange (www.Orange.com) has opened two very large-capacity IP and IPX Points of Presence (PoP) in South Africa. The facilities, which are located in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa are operational from today and will enhance Internet and mobile connectivity in the region by offering faster connection speeds and…