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The Eastern African Association’s Diamond Jubilee

Celebrating 60 years of supporting businesses in East Africa and contributing to the region’s growth and prosperity

We are very proud of what we have done to promote long term trade and investment in the countries of East Africa, which offer great opportunities across multiple sectors

LONDON, United Kingdom, April 17, 2024/APO Group/ --

For 60 Years, the Eastern Africa Association (EAA) ( has been at the forefront of promoting trade and investment between the UK and East Africa through networking events, information sharing, and direct support for members when they face challenges.

The EAA is marking its 60th anniversary this year – operating throughout a period covering most of the extraordinarily dynamic post-independence history of the region. It has had an enduring positive influence on the economic development of East Africa, encouraging international investment during periods of significant economic growth, as well as more troubled periods of political upheaval and sometimes conflict.

EAA Chairman Lord Valentine Cecil said: “We are very proud of what we have done to promote long term trade and investment in the countries of East Africa, which offer great opportunities across multiple sectors, thereby supporting sustainable development in the region,” noting that the 500 or so companies that form the EAA network employ an estimated 10,000 people in the region.

Established in Kenya and the UK in 1964, the EAA has grown into a pivotal business information service, benefiting a diverse array of regional and foreign investor corporations. It remains centered on enhancing economic ties, understanding political landscapes, and supporting members in navigating the vibrant East African markets. It maintains excellent diplomatic and Government ties, and brings together industry leaders, corporates, academic and public sector parties to support its mission aims.

The EAA will hold its 60th anniversary gala event on 29th May, starting with a Market Close Ceremony in its honor at the London Stock Exchange, followed by a VIP Reception and Gala Dinner, connecting key industry leaders with a shared interest in the East and Horn of Africa.

Mr. Abi Ajayi, Head of Africa and Middle East Primary Markets at the London Stock Exchange (LSEG) confirmed the market close ceremony in honor of the East Africa Association's (EAA) diamond jubilee. In his announcement, Mr. Ajayi highlighted the work of the LSEG's Africa Focus Group, which aims to strengthen the connection between the London Stock Exchange and Africa's capital markets. This effort supports the increase of global investment into Africa and the development of effective financial market infrastructures. "We therefore congratulate the association on this milestone and look forward to hosting the EAA’s Market Close ceremony. It reflects our commitment to working in partnership to promote trade and investment flows in the Eastern Africa region and beyond," said Ajayi.

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For press inquiries, the Association’s executive directors, Agnes Gitau (UK & EU) and Mr. Nikhil Hira (Eastern Africa region), can be contacted at

For further information about the 60th Anniversary Gala event, please contact our team on and attendance for this prestigious event is limited to EAA members and specially invited guests with an interest in East Africa.