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Tanzania Institute for Education and Snapplify Unite to Empower Students Through Digital Learning

Digital library to be rolled out to all Tanzanian schools

By providing students with a comprehensive digital learning ecosystem, we hope to inspire a love for learning and encourage academic excellence among Tanzanian youth

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, November 13, 2023/APO Group/ --

The Tanzania Institute for Education (TIE) has recently joined forces with Snapplify (, a leading digital content provider, to roll out the Tanzania eLibrary Project. This pioneering initiative aims to revolutionise the accessibility and quality of educational resources for students across Tanzania over the next three years.

The Tanzania eLibrary Project entails the widespread deployment of Snapplify's cutting-edge eLibrary platform to every school in Tanzania. In addition, over 195 000 teachers and 11.2 million students will be granted access to a personalised Snapplify account, facilitating seamless access to a diverse range of educational resources from multiple partner platforms.

Through this collaboration, TIE aims to provide Tanzanian students with unparalleled access to educational resources. With an extensive collection of over 50,000 digital library books and TIE prescribed content, students will now have uninterrupted access to a wealth of educational materials, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

One of the most remarkable features of the Snapplify platform, known as Engage, is its accessibility. The platform ensures 24/7 availability, catering to the needs of students even in remote and rural areas. Furthermore, the content can be accessed offline once downloaded, allowing students to utilise the resources on various devices, including mobile phones, thereby overcoming any limitations posed by technological infrastructure.

What sets the eLibrary platform apart is its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. This was acknowledged by UNESCO when they awarded Snapplify with the King Sejong Literacy award for 2023 for the e-library platform’s contribution to growing literacy globally. The elibrary offers an extensive collection of titles in various African languages, supporting Tanzanian publishers and authors. By embracing indigenous literature and promoting local voices, TIE and Snapplify aim to foster a sense of cultural pride and identity among Tanzanian students.

Snapplify's Government Partnership Manager also expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "Our partnership with TIE reflects our shared vision of leveraging technology to democratise access to education. By providing students with a comprehensive digital learning ecosystem, we hope to inspire a love for learning and encourage academic excellence among Tanzanian youth."

With the launch of the Tanzania eLibrary Project, TIE and Snapplify aim to pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for Tanzania, fostering a generation of empowered and knowledgeable leaders ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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