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Over Half of Businesses in Nigeria Planning to Expand Locally Despite Supply Chain, Cyber-Security, and Recruitment Challenges

100 business leaders in Nigeria were interviewed about the opportunities and challenges their organizations are facing – and their plans for the future

Nigerian survey data also shows that 34% of IT decision makers in Nigeria are planning to move to a new region and 33% into a new country; 58% of IT decision makers in Nigeria view a shortage of personnel with IT skills as one of the main threats to their…

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    • Anna Nuwe, SVP Content Strategy & Evangelist at KnowBe4 AFRICA
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The extremely unsecure crystal ball: Cybersecurity 2023

Cybercriminals are limbering up for another year of security contortions

Looking at the cybercrime statistics of the year is always a sobering exercise. In 2021 and 2020, the landscape was filled with new vulnerabilities and fresh attack vectors thanks to the radical changes in working environments, approaches and investments. Companies went remote and then hybrid. Employees went home and then…

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Brastorne Connects the Unconnected in Africa

Brastorne has implemented disruptive solutions to dissolve the barriers to digital inclusion in Africa

The Challenge More and more aspects of modern life have moved online. Access to information, economic opportunities, and how we interact with our social circles are all reliant on access to the internet. Access to this near-limitless online world leads to empowerment for those with ready access. However, digital inclusion…

Bizzamm (Pty) Ltd
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    • (African) Fintech revenues could grow by 8X to reach $30 billion by 2025 - McKinsey & Company (1)
    • (African) Fintech revenues could grow by 8X to reach $30 billion by 2025 - McKinsey & Company (2)
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(African) Fintech revenues could grow by 8X to reach $30 billion by 2025 - McKinsey & Company

African fintech has a significant impact on day-to-day life on the continent and with its current upward trend it can be perfectly poised to rapidly advance Africa’s global competitiveness

As the fastest-growing start-up industry in Africa, African fintech raised over US$1,3 billion in 2021 alone, the success of fintech companies is being fuelled by several trends, including increasing smartphone ownership, declining internet costs,  expanded network coverage, and a young, fast-growing, and rapidly urbanizing population. [i] African fintech has a…

Africa Data Centres
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    • Africa Data Centres to expand Sameer facility in Nairobi by 15MW of (Information Technology) IT load
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Africa Data Centres to expand Sameer facility in Nairobi by 15MW of (Information Technology) IT load

The new data centre will begin with 5MW of IT load and will be built in the company's leading-edge modular design

Africa Data Centres ( is expanding its Sameer facility in Nairobi by up to 15MW of IT load; The facility will be built in the company's leading-edge modular design. Africa Data Centres, a business of Cassava Technologies a pan-African technology group, is pleased to announce it has secured a piece of land…

Digital Solutions Group
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    • Yaron Assabi Founder and Group CEO of Digital Solutions Group
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Can we deliver effective customer experience (CX) in the era of remote work?

While the shift to remote work has negatively impacted the customer experience (CX), leveraging the right technologies and strategy can help you to match increased customer expectations

In the past few years, the world has undergone a significant change, as dealing with the challenges of the pandemic has led to a proliferation of remote and hybrid working models. More pertinently, these models are clearly here to stay, benefiting as they do both workers, who value the flexibility…

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    • Participants of the 2022 Afrobarometer and University of Pretoria Summer School
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‘Data is like learning a language – use it or lose it,’ Afrobarometer Chief Executive Officer (CEO) tells next generation of African researchers

Afrobarometer conducted the free, three-week training program in collaboration with the University of Pretoria’s Faculty of Humanities and Future Africa

Thirty African researchers graduated from the Afrobarometer/University of Pretoria summer school Friday with a word of encouragement to use their new skills to contribute to Africa’s development. “Data is like learning a language – use it or lose it,” Afrobarometer CEO Joseph Asunka told the group. Afrobarometer conducted the free,…

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    • Wael Elkabbany, General Manager, Microsoft Africa Regional Cluster
    • Mirna Arif, Microsoft Egypt General Manager
    • Sherif Tawfik, Chief Sustainability Officer, Microsoft Middle East and Africa
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Innovating Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis – the Middle East and Africa Has a Key Role to Play

Though MEA may have the lowest contribution to greenhouse gas emissions in the world, it’s the most vulnerable region to the effects of climate change, especially Africa

It’s eye-opening to consider that more than half ( of the world’s best solar resources are in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). When you combine this vast untapped potential with a rapidly evolving renewable energy landscape, formidable people power from a growing youth population and thriving entrepreneurial scene, it’s…

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Investing in resilient internet will enhance inclusive, sustainable growth in Africa

Statistics show that an estimated 871 million people are not connected to the internet in Africa and access was even limited in rural areas

African countries have been urged to invest in building resilient internet infrastructure to tap digital opportunities and accelerate social and economic transformation on the continent. Global leaders attending the 17th Internet Governance Forum being held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, underscored the importance of digital technologies as tools for enhancing development…

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    • Genie Gan, the head of Public Affairs and Government Relations for Asia Pacific & Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Kaspersky
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Kaspersky supports International Criminal Police Organization's (INTERPOL) operation to combat cybercrime in African countries

The threat intelligence data was shared with INTERPOL as part of the agency’s long-standing Gateway project

Kaspersky ( has contributed to INTERPOL’s Africa Cyber Surge Operation (ACSO) by sharing data, comprising of indicators of compromise (IoCs) on various cyberthreats and types of cybercriminal activity targeting African countries. This evidence provided the grounds for a series of operational and investigative activities against the threat actors behind the…