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The Arms Trade in The Horn of Africa

The reluctance of western and other powers to act against Djibouti’s increasing arms trafficking activities poses an existential threat to the security of the Horn of Africa and imperils ongoing efforts to end long-running conflicts in the region

EXX Africa ( published a special report on the arms trade in the Horn of Africa. The trade of illegal weapons in the Horn of Africa remains highly lucrative and is comprehensively entwined with transnational terrorist groups, drug smuggling, and the conflict in nearby Yemen. The focus of the regional arms…

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DP World: Media Statement on Djibouti's Doraleh Container Terminal

"Djibouti does not recognise the international rule of law"

Today’s statement by the Djibouti government states that it does not acknowledge the decision of the London Court of International Arbitration demonstrates that Djibouti does not recognise the international rule of law. The Court’s decision upholding the continuing validity of the Concession is based on recognised principles of international law…

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Djibouti does not recognize the Arbitral Award rendered by the London International Arbitral Court

Press Service - Presidency of the Republic of Djibouti

On February 22, 2018, the State of Djibouti terminated the concession for the Doraleh container terminal, awarded in 2006 to Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT), a company controlled de facto by the minority shareholder DP World. The implementation of this concession contract has proved to be contrary to the fundamental interests…

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London Court of International Arbitration finds the Djiboutian Government’s Seizure of Doraleh Terminal Illegal

Tribunal declares validity of the concession agreement

An Arbitral Tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration (“LCIA”) today confirmed the illegitimacy of the Government of Djibouti’s action of seizing control of the Doraleh Container Terminal from DP World (  The LCIA Tribunal has ruled that Doraleh Container Terminal’s Concession Agreement “remains valid and binding notwithstanding Law…

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Will Djibouti Become Latest Country to Fall Into China’s Debt Trap?

The African country houses a key U.S. military base, making it a particular concern for Washington

Djibouti lies more than 2,500 miles from Sri Lanka but the East African country faces a predicament similar to what its peer across the sea confronted last year: It has borrowed more money from China than it can pay back. In both countries, the money went to infrastructure projects under…

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EU NAVFOR Operation Atalanta: ‘Mandate continues, Business as usual’

The mandate extension signals the EU’s commitment to continuing counter-piracy operations off the Somali coast

EU NAVFOR is pleased to confirm that following the decision from the Council of the European Union the mandate of Operation ATALANTA will continue until 31 December 2020. LINK TO EU COUNCIL ANNOUNCEMENT – (HERE) The mandate extension signals the EU’s commitment to continuing counter-piracy operations off the Somali coast.…

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European Union Operation Atalanta (NAVFOR) patrol aircraft reaches 1000 Missions: “1 Mil Misiones!”

Collaborating with the Naval Units of European Union Operation Atalanta (NAVFOR) Somalia and other Djibouti based MPRA’s (operating with CTF151) provides stability and security to the ships that pass through the zone

Deterrence, repression and prevention of piracy begins with the identification of the threat. EU NAVFOR has been making use of Spanish Maritime Patrol Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) for nearly 10 years with 1000 missions and more than 10,000 hours flown to keep a watch from the skies. The Spanish MPRA Detachment…

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Djibouti: Young Djiboutians Attend the 2018 Mandela Washington Fellowship Program

Through this initiative, 28 U.S. universities will host 700 young leaders from sub-Saharan Africa

The U.S. Mission Djibouti will send 7 young Djiboutians to participate in the 2018 Mandela Washington Fellowship program for six weeks from June 18 to August 2.  The Mandela Washington Fellowship is the flagship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).  It is composed of academic coursework, leadership training,…

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DP World reiterates Validity of Doraleh Container Terminal Concession and Exclusivity Rights

Global trade enabler warns against violation or face legal action

DP World (, reiterated today that its concession agreement for the Doraleh Container Terminal (DTC) remains in force, warning that the government’s illegal seizure of the facility doesn’t give the right to any third party to violate the terms of the concession agreement. DP World statement came in the wake…