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Transforming Egypt’s Multimedia Landscape: Canon’s Multicam Show Delivers an Unparalleled Immersive Experience

This exclusive event showcased cutting-edge and innovative Canon Multicamera Technology

Our products have been carefully designed to enhance workflows and amplify creative expression

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, August 23, 2023/APO Group/ --

Canon Central and North Africa ( is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the Canon Multicam Show in Egypt, an embodiment of its unwavering commitment to delivering innovative and technology-driven imaging solutions to customers across the African continent. Building upon the resounding success of its debut in Nigeria, this exceptional event reimagined the way customers experience video technology, captivating audiences in Egypt with the latest cutting-edge video solutions and innovative technology.

This highly exclusive event served as an exceptional platform to showcase Canon’s latest state-of-the-art multicamera technology, fostering invaluable partnerships and collaborations that pave the way for exciting business prospects in Africa. The show elevated the customer experience by actively engaging attendees. Through open touch-and-try sessions, customers were able to connect with the showcased products, providing them with a tactile and immersive experience. Additionally, through this show, Canon not only showcased its cutting-edge products within the imaging range but also presented a complete solution that offers an opportunity to enhance the workflow in the multimedia industry.

“We are thrilled that we brought the Multicam Show to Egypt. As part of a strategic initiative to educate the African market about Canon Multicam solutions, Canon Central & North Africa has chosen to extend this exceptional experience to the vibrant and creative community of Egypt. Egypt serves as the second pit-stop in this journey, followed by Algeria, Morocco, and Kenya, as we continue our efforts to provide valuable insights and solutions to enhance the workflow in various industries across the continent,” says Amine Djouahra, B2C Business Unit Director, Canon Central and North Africa. “Egypt’s bright market, spanning across the broadcast, media, entertainment, and education sectors, has highlighted the remarkable impact of Canon’s imaging solutions. This event was specifically tailored to our target audience in Egypt, encompassing professionals seeking innovative solutions to enhance their current multimedia projects. The showcased products, including the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom), ENG (Electronic News Gathering), and cinema lineup were chosen to align with the country’s dynamic creative landscape.”

“We deeply value our customers in Egypt and recognise the importance of their unique perspectives. Our products have been carefully designed to enhance workflows and amplify creative expression. We understand that each industry in Egypt has its distinct requirements, and our customer-centric approach ensures that we deliver unique solutions.”

In Egypt, Canon has taken strategic steps to establish itself as a cornerstone of innovative imaging solutions across various sectors. The Egyptian market, characterised by its diversity, has provided a fertile ground for the company to make a significant impact. By comprehensively understanding the unique requirements and challenges of each industry, Canon has tailored its offerings to provide optimal solutions.

Canon’s presence in Egypt also extends beyond product offerings. The company has strategically collaborated with numerous educational institutions and universities, positioning its PTZ lineup to empower the next generation of visual storytellers. By offering top-notch solutions to these institutions, Canon contributes to nurturing a pool of skilled professionals who will shape the future of multimedia in Egypt.

Multicamera Technology

Multicamera technology is a revolutionary approach to video production, using multiple cameras to capture different angles and perspectives of a scene simultaneously. By seamlessly switching between these cameras in real-time, multicam setups enable dynamic and engaging content creation, whether for live broadcasts, events, or pre-recorded productions. Multicam technology has transformed the way visual stories are captured offering broadcasters, education, and security industries the tools to craft compelling narratives with fluid camera movements and seamless transitions.

Accelerating the Transition to Digital

The event not only showcased Canon’s remarkable products but also played a pivotal role in driving and championing the much-needed digital technology shift within Africa’s multimedia industry. With a significant portion of the industry still making the transition to digital, the Canon Multicam Show served as a platform to raise awareness and educate the market about the importance of embracing this transformation.

Embark on an Immersive Experience

At the heart of the Multicam Show was an immersive experience that transcended conventional product showcases. Distinct experiential zones immersed customers in a dynamic and interactive environment, allowing them to truly connect with Canon’s cutting-edge technology. Attendees could touch, feel, and explore products’ sleek interfaces, enabling them to understand the intuitive controls and seamless integration of Canon’s solutions into real-world applications.

The immersive broadcast zone was testament to Canon’s commitment to revolutionising the broadcasting industry and providing broadcasters with the most advanced tools to bring their vision to life. Visitors explored Canon’s latest video cameras ( where we featured the Canon XC Protocol, including the Canon C500 Mark II (, the Canon C300 Mark III (, and the PTZ model with its remarkable remote-control capabilities.

The education zone featured a captivating walk-through of Canon’s innovative solutions for events, educational institutions, and seminars. Customers were provided with a first-hand experience of Canon's PTZ cameras (, equipped with two new apps accessible through its Add-On Applications System. This platform empowers users to seamlessly integrate new functionalities into their video production processes. The newly introduced Auto Tracking Application RA-AT001 and Auto Loop Application RA-AL001 respond to market demands, offering a robust, self-sufficient video production solution that negates the requirement for external hardware. These user-friendly paid applications, in conjunction with Canon's cutting-edge 4K camera technology, establish an ideal solution for a diverse array of scenarios encompassing higher education, corporate setups, live events, broadcast, and houses of worship.

Throughout the show, experienced Canon experts were on hand to guide and inspire the representatives from the Media, broadcasting, education, corporate, live events industry with personalised demonstrations, talks, and advice. Whether experimenting with intuitive controls, exploring various shooting modes, or testing multicamera features, customers were able to unleash their creativity and envision their videography masterpieces.

Additionally, the Canon Multicam Talk Show provided attendees with a dynamic platform to dig deeper into innovative solutions. Led by knowledgeable product specialists, the talk show featured insightful conversations and discussions. The experts shared practical insights on how Canon’s technology enhances the quality of multimedia projects and streamlines the entire production process.

The Canon Multicam Show in Egypt was a celebration of innovation and collaboration. Attendees experienced an enriching event that empowered them to push the boundaries of their creativity and elevate their projects to new heights.

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About Canon Central and North Africa:
Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) ( is a division within Canon Middle East FZ LLC (CME), a subsidiary of Canon Europe. The formation of CCNA in 2016 was a strategic step that aimed to enhance Canon’s business within the Africa region - by strengthening Canon’s in-country presence and focus. CCNA also demonstrates Canon’s commitment to operating closer to its customers and meeting their demands in the rapidly evolving African market.

Canon has been represented in the African continent for more than 15 years through distributors and partners that have successfully built a solid customer base in the region. CCNA ensures the provision of high quality, technologically advanced products that meet the requirements of Africa’s rapidly evolving marketplace. With over 100 employees, CCNA manages sales and marketing activities across 44 countries in Africa.

Canon’s corporate philosophy is Kyosei ( – ‘living and working together for the common good’. CCNA pursues sustainable business growth, focusing on reducing its own environmental impact and supporting customers to reduce theirs using Canon’s products, solutions and services. At Canon, we are pioneers, constantly redefining the world of imaging for the greater good. Through our technology and our spirit of innovation, we push the bounds of what is possible – helping us to see our world in ways we never have before. We help bring creativity to life, one image at a time. Because when we can see our world, we can transform it for the better.

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