Source: The Presidency, The Arab Republic of Egypt |

Statement by the Arab Republic of Egypt

Committed to their strategic partnership, Egypt and the U.S. stand united in their unwavering commitment to establishing and solidifying peace, security and stability in the Middle East

CAIRO, Egypt, February 9, 2024/APO Group/ --

Referring to U.S. President Joe Biden's remarks on 8 February, 2024 on the situation in the Gaza Strip, the Presidency of the Republic confirms the alignment of stances and the persistent joint efforts and close cooperation between Egypt and the United States of America with regard to achieving calm in the Gaza Strip, working toward reaching a ceasefire and enforcing humanitarian truces, allowing the prompt entry of sufficient amounts of humanitarian aid to save the people of the Strip, in addition to their categorical rejection of any forced displacement. Committed to their strategic partnership, Egypt and the U.S. stand united in their unwavering commitment to establishing and solidifying peace, security and stability in the Middle East.

With regard to Egypt’s position and role in delivering humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and relief to the Palestinian brothers, the Presidency of the Republic definitively states that, from the first moment, Egypt has opened the Rafah border crossing from its side without any restrictions or conditions and has mobilized massive humanitarian aid and relief, flowing from both Egypt itself and countries worldwide who delivered their support directly to Al Arish Airport. Egypt has exerted significant pressure on all concerned parties to ensure the flow of this aid into the sector. However, the persistent bombing of the Palestinian side of the crossing by Israel, which was repeated four times, obstructed and halted the delivery process. Egypt emphasizes that once the shelling of the other side of the crossing ended, Egypt immediately undertook the necessary repairs and technical adjustments, facilitating the resumption of the flow of a substantial amount of humanitarian aid and assistance to the people of the Strip.

The Arab Republic of Egypt affirms that the role it has assumed in coordinating and delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza was a leading one, emanating from its sense of humanitarian responsibility for the Palestinian brothers in the Strip. Egypt also asserts that it has endured immense pressure and formidable challenges in order to ensure a smooth flow of aid. To achieve this, Egypt has, and still is, extensively engaged with all stakeholders, regional, international and the UN, to secure aid access and substantially increase the amount of aid and relief to address the urgent and dire needs of the people in the sector. Egypt confirms that 80% of humanitarian aid delivered to the Gaza Strip is provided by Egypt’s government, people and civil society and that Egypt has facilitated and coordinated visits by international and UN officials to the crossing to assess the extent of the massive efforts exerted by the Egyptian authorities on the ground.

The Presidency of the Republic reiterates that Egypt’s unequivocal and unwavering position is unshakably committed to reaching a ceasefire in the Gaza with utmost urgency, to protecting the civilians who have been enduring the most severe and harsh humanitarian catastrophe imaginable, and to saving them from the shelling, hunger and disease. Egypt is also pursuing its unyielding efforts to lead, organize, mobilize and deliver humanitarian aid and relief to the sector at significant quantities and urges all relevant stakeholders to cooperate, coordinate and provide the necessary facilitations to secure access for humanitarian aid as desired.

Egypt also emphasizes that any attempts or endeavors that seek to forcibly displace the Palestinians from their land are doomed to fail, as the only solution to the current situation is embodied in the two-state solution and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, along the June 4, 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of The Presidency, The Arab Republic of Egypt.