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Broadening access to hypertension care in Burkina Faso

With support from WHO and the Danish government, care services for noncommunicable diseases is now being made available at district health facilities

Domdasse Adama could barely walk, with his left side paralysed and reliant on a cane. “But thanks to the support and treatment I received for hypertension, I can now walk on my own, and even ride a bicycle for several kilometres," he says. Adama's journey to recovery from impaired mobility…

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Coronavirus - Burkina Faso: Tackling COVID-19 fear and stigma

COVID-19 is a new virus and the fear of the unknown drives stigma about the disease and can cause people to hide their illness

Hesitancy to get tested, avoiding contact tracers or wariness of what the neighbours will say: the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a variety of reactions among some Ouagadougou residents that have complicated timely response. When the country’s COVID-19 rapid response team tried to reach out to a man who had been…