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Coronavirus - Africa: Millions out of school, jeopardising the future of children in West and Central Africa

While the focus of the COVID 19 response is mainly on health systems, the pandemic is already having a devastating impact on children beyond that

Save the Children fears for the future of millions of children, as more than 120,000,000 children and students are currently out of school in in West and Central Africa. Almost all countries have introduced nation-wide school and university closures so far to contain the Covid-19 virus - the number is…

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Fears grow as locusts swarm towards South Sudan

The current locust outbreak is expected to continue until June 2020 due to anticipated ongoing favourable conditions for locust reproduction

The food supplies of some of the most vulnerable children and families in South Sudan are under threat as massive swarms of desert locusts head towards the country’s border with Kenya and Uganda, Save warns. The huge plague of locusts, which has already decimated the crops of countries in the…

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South Sudan: More Than 200,000 Children Forced to Flee Their Homes Following Flooding

Families already facing extreme malnutrition now taking refuge in displaced to temporary shelters

Hundreds of thousands of children and their families – many of whom were already facing extreme malnutrition - have been displaced by heavy rainfall and are now living in temporary, makeshift settlements across South Sudan. Save the Children is deeply concerned for the health of more than 420,000 people, including…

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One in two people face starvation in South Sudan, as extreme hunger hits more states

South Sudan, the world's youngest nation, has been affected by frequent conflict since it gained independence in 2011

Nearly half of South Sudan’s population is facing extreme hunger, the country’s highest proportion of food insecure people in the last 10 years, Save the Children is warning. More than six million people currently need urgent food assistance, including more than one million children. Near-famine conditions are predicted in four…

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More than 240 Refugees and Migrants Dead in ‘Horrific 24 Hours’ in the Mediterranean

Today’s rescue came less than 24 hours after more than 240 migrants and refugees are believed to have drowned when two rubber dinghies capsized off the North African coast

Two very young children, whose mother died while on board a boat ferrying refuges and migrants from North Africa to Europe, were rescued by Save the Children today as part of an operation in which more than 100 people were saved by our search and rescue vessel, the Vos Hestia.…

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More than 200 People Rescued off Libyan coast

Save the Children’s Search and Rescue Vessel Returns from its Latest Mission in Mediterranean

Save the Children’s search and rescue ship, the Vos Hestia, is returning to Italy with more than 200 refugees and migrants rescued in two separate operations off the North African coast. Sadly, among them are the bodies of five people who perished before rescuers could reach the first boat in…

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Yellow Fever Outbreak on Brink of Going Global

The largest Yellow Fever epidemic in decades is hitting the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Angola, and could soon spread to the Americas, Asia and Europe, Save the Children warns

The largest Yellow Fever epidemic in decades is hitting the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Angola, and could soon spread to the Americas, Asia and Europe, Save the Children warns. The organization’s rapid response Emergency Health Unit (EHU) has deployed to support the DRC’s Ministry of Health with a…