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Documentation opens doors for Kenya's stateless Shona community

The Kenyan government has expressed willingness to register the Shona as Kenyan citizens,

Ending statelessness by 2024 is an ambitious goal, but NORCAP expert Sadiq Boateng is closing the gap with efforts to recognise Kenya’s stateless Shona people. In the 1960s, a group of Zimbabwean missionaries from the Shona ethnic group immigrated to Kenya. Many settled and remain in and near Nairobi where…

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Torrential rains destroy shelters for displaced people in northeast Nigeria

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is appealing for urgent financial assistance to address the colossal humanitarian needs

Torrential rain has destroyed makeshift tents and caused severe flooding to temporary displacement camps in northeast Nigeria, leaving vulnerable families homeless. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is appealing for urgent financial assistance to address the colossal humanitarian needs and to prevent the spread of deadly cholera. “Displaced people are suffering…

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Insecurity in Mali's Menaka region affects humanitarian assistance

Humanitarian organisations recorded seven incidents of violent robberies and burglaries, intimidation and theft

Insecurity and increased crime in the region of Menaka is having a detrimental impact on the civilian population and humanitarian organizations in the area. With a monthly average of six incidents of robberies and burglaries of humanitarian organizations, their residents and office, the level of crime is putting the humanitarian…

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Boko Haram conflict causing misery to millions 10 years on

Ten years after the first attack launched by the armed group Boko Haram, more than two million people remain displaced from homes in northeast Nigeria

Ten years since the beginning of a violent insurgency in northeast Nigeria, the living conditions for displaced people are continuing to deteriorate at an alarming rate due to inadequate and overcrowded facilities. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) calls for increased efforts to improve their living conditions and prevent an imminent…

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Congolese refugees fleeing to Uganda nearly double to 8,000 in past month

Refugee reception centres in Uganda are being overwhelmed by the new influx

housands are crossing Lake Albert by boat to Uganda, escaping horrific inter-ethnic violence. Refugee reception centres are being overwhelmed, as emergency aid is running short. Desperate Congolese families are fleeing to safety across the border any way they can. Over 3,000 refugees crossed into Uganda via boat along Lake Albert’s…

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Protecting people from gender-based violence

The law in Mozambique states that you are obliged to report if you come across a case of sexual violence

NORCAP experts warn that a long-term approach is needed to address gender-based violence in Mozambique. Three months after Cyclone Idai, humanitarian agencies are scaling down efforts in the affected areas, but the work is far from over. “I have been married for two years,” says Delfina (17). Now expecting her…

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300,000 displaced following fresh violence in DR Congo

At least 160 persons have been killed while entire villages have been burned and abandoned

Up to 300,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in DR Congo after extreme violence, including reports of rape and indiscriminate killings, erupted in Ebola-stricken Ituri province. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is calling on the international community to seek urgent solutions to end the bloodshed and to…

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Highest number of people displaced since World War II - Ethiopia tops list

An estimated 3.2 million people were displaced by conflict and drought by April this year

Ethiopia has the highest number of new displacements globally, as new figures reveal over 70 million people are on the move worldwide - the highest number ever recorded. "Every day an average of 37,000 people are forced to flee their homes. The international community must provide safety and protection for…

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    • Minette (38) and her family fled from Manyu and sought safety in Buea after their home was burned down. They have received some plastic sheeting and utensils from NRC, and they have built a temporary kitchen at their new place in Buea. Photo: NRC / Tiril Skarstein
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Cameroon tops list of most neglected crises

Cameroon tops the Norwegian Refugee Council’s annual list of the world’s most neglected displacement crises launched today

“The international community is asleep at the wheel when it comes to the crisis in Cameroon. Brutal killings, burned-down villages and massive displacement have been met with deafening silence,” warned the Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Jan Egeland. Conflict has so far uprooted half a million people in…

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Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) statement to the UN Security Council on Cameroon

The shocking unmet needs of tens of thousands of people fleeing violence in South-West and North-West Cameroon has resulted in no systematic mediation efforts

Statement to the Security Council Arria-Formula meeting on his visit to assess the humanitarian situation in Cameroon, and recommendations on the way forward SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE NORWEGIAN REFUGEE COUNCIL, JAN EGELAND Mr. President, UN Security Council members, I wish to thank the Security Council for this opportunity to speak…