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Kabakoo Academies, Catalyzing Tech Education for Resilient Africa

In May 2020, Kabakoo launched the “Beat COVID-19” Challenge in partnership with the European Union in Mali via the EJOM project

Since May 2020, Kabakoo Academies ( has taken up the challenge of transforming the challenges arising from the global COVID-19 pandemic into a socioeconomic opportunity for African youth. From May to December 2020, its Bamako campus welcomes for seven months a class of twenty learners dedicated to local entrepreneurship as…

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Kabakoo Academies, pioneering education 4.0 across Africa

With a proven impact and valuable projects of local relevance, Kabakoo is now working towards scalability and replication across Africa

Created to empower young Africans with vocational training for the fourth Industrial Revolution, Kabakoo Academies (www.Kabakoo.Africa) managed in less than 2 years to establish itself as one of the most innovative learning places in the world, racking up recognitions from the African Union to the World Economic Forum. With a proven…

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Kabakoo set to innovate creative learning for the Africas

Kabakoo is building a network of inclusive spaces dedicated to creative learning

Learning locally relevant skills and knowledge is the major challenge to be addressed for achieving Africa’s promised demographic dividend. To solve the problem, Kabakoo (www.Kabakoo.Africa) is building a network of inclusive spaces dedicated to creative learning. Kabakoo – The House of Wondering is innovating learning for the Africas. Its approach,…