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Media Freedoms Should Not Be a Target in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Cancel Jessy Kabasele’s Suspension, Ensure Journalists Can Work Safely, Freely

Last week, the Congolese government’s Communication and Broadcasting Board (Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel et de la communication, CSAC) suspended journalist Jessy Kabasele for an indefinite period, following his interview with one of the country’s most famous singers, Koffi Olomide, on Le Panier The Morning Show. During the interview, aired by the state-run broadcasting company, Olomide criticized the…

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Kenya/International Monetary Fund (IMF): Align Economic Reform with Rights

Strengthen Social Contract to Address Root Causes of Protester Anger

The Kenyan government and International Monetary Fund should work together to ensure that the IMF program and its implementation align with human rights, Human Rights Watch said today. The focus should be on progressive revenue generation and accountability over public funds. Following the recent nationwide protests, President William Ruto declined to sign…

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Zimbabwe: Army Commander Threatens Election Integrity

Bar Security Force Engagement in Partisan Politics

Zimbabwe’s army commander has openly stated that the country’s security forces intend to play a partisan political role, threatening future elections and those participating in them, Human Rights Watch said today. On June 29, 2024, the Zimbabwe National Army commander, Lt. General Anselem Sanyatwe, was quoted as saying that people would be marched to…

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Burkina Faso: Journalist, Junta Critics Feared Disappeared

Authorities Should Urgently Locate the Missing; African Commission Should Speak Out

 Burkina Faso authorities should urgently investigate and publicly report on the whereabouts of a journalist and two prominent critics of the country’s military junta, Human Rights Watch said today. The abductions since June 18 of Serge Oulon, director of an investigative newspaper, Adama Bayala, and Kalifara Séré, both working as television…

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Refugees in Eastern Sudan at Risk

International Organizations Should Act to Provide Safe Evacuation Options

Amid the widespread civilian suffering in Sudan, the fate of over one million refugees living in Sudan when the conflict erupted is often overlooked. In recent weeks, Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) attacked towns across Sennar state, which neighbors Gedaref state and where more than 40,000 refugees from Ethiopia are currently hosted.…

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Sierra Leone Acts to Ban Child Marriage

New Law Essential to Protecting Girls from Abuse

Last week, Sierra Leone’s parliament enacted landmark legislation to ban child marriage. The Prohibition of Child Marriage Bill 2024, which makes marriage for anyone under 18 a criminal offense, seeks to protect girls from a harmful practice that has long violated their rights and hindered their development. Child marriage is a…

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African Union (AU): Roll Out Civilian Protection Mission, Ensure Sudan Probe

Concrete Action to Halt Atrocities in Sudan Key at Leaders Meeting

The African Union (AU) should work with the United Nations to deploy a civilian protection mission to address ongoing atrocities across Sudan, notably in Darfur, and act to ensure strong human rights investigations, Human Rights Watch said today. The AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) member states meeting on June 21,…

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Ethiopia: Halt Crackdown Against Human Rights Groups

A new report from the Ethiopian Press Freedom Defenders, a collective of Ethiopian media professionals, found that around 200 journalists have been arrested by the Ethiopian government since 2019

The Ethiopian authorities should immediately end their escalating crackdown on civic space and independent domestic human rights organizations, including through physical and digital surveillance, verbal harassment, intimidation, and threats, said five international human rights organizations today. These actions send a chilling signal and prevent human rights organizations from carrying out…

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Africa: Accelerate Free Education for All

Focus on Free Quality Education; Expedite Positive Measures for Girls

 African governments should accelerate plans to guarantee free quality education from preschool through secondary education before 2030, Human Rights Watch said today on the African Union (AU)’s Day of the African Child, June 16, 2024. Africa is the region with the world’s highest out-of-school population. In 2021, 98 million children and older adolescents of primary…

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Democratic Republic (DR) of Congo: Uphold Rights, Rule of Law After Failed Coup

Prosecute Participants Fairly; Investigate Possible Summary Killings

The Democratic Republic of Congo government should ensure that those who took part in an attempted coup are prosecuted in fair trials, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities should also thoroughly and impartially investigate and appropriately prosecute security forces’ alleged extrajudicial killings of coup participants. Details are still emerging about the attempted…