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Sierra Leone: Amnesty International joins legal challenge against government ban on pregnant girls attending school

The announcement was made ahead of a hearing at the regional Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Community Court of Justice on 27 June 2019

Amnesty International has joined a legal case brought by two non-governmental organizations, Equality Now and WAVES, to challenge the Sierra Leonean government’s ban on pregnant girls attending mainstream schools and sitting exams, the organization said today. The announcement was made ahead of a hearing at the regional Economic Community of…

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Tanzania: Authorities rushing to pass bill to further repress human rights

Some of the laws to be affected are the Companies Act, the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Act, the Statistics Act, and the Films and Stage Plays Act

Tanzania’s parliament this afternoon begun deliberating a bill which, if passed into law, would have dire implications for human rights in the country, said Amnesty International. The Bill - The Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments No. 3 of 2019), made public on 19 June and being debated under a ‘certificate of…

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Mozambique: End five-month arbitrary detention of refugees and asylum seekers

The group was arbitrarily arrested on 17 January 2019, after being handcuffed and allegedly beaten by police and immigration officers in Maratane refugee camp

Mozambican authorities must immediately and unconditionally release 15 Congolese refugees and asylum seekers and one Ethiopian refugee who have been in detention for nearly six months without any criminal charges filed against them, Amnesty International said today to mark World Refugee Day. The group was arbitrarily arrested on 17 January…

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Sudan: Urgent UN, AU investigation needed after military admits deadly decision on protestors

The world needs to understand the extent to which they advised the security forces on the legality and proportionality of deadly force used

Following an admission by Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) that they all met the country’s security chiefs on 2 June, and after receiving undisclosed advice from the Attorney General and the Head of the Judiciary, ordered the dispersal of peaceful protestors on 3 June, which “by mistake” killed more than…

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Botswana: Decriminalisation of consensual same sex relations should inspire other African countries

Another 29 countries in Africa retain laws criminalizing same sex relations, including Kenya

Today’s judgement by the Gaborone High Court to decriminalize consensual same sex relations is a victory in the battle for equality and freedom to love whoever you choose, Amnesty International said as it called on other African countries to follow Botswana’s inspiring example. “Today’s court judgement sends a strong message…

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Mali: Despicable killings of civilians must be investigated

The centre of Mali has been the scene of deadly violence for more than a year

Following the reported unlawful killings of nearly 100 people in an attack on a village in central Mali, Marie-Evelyne Petrus Barry, Amnesty International’s West and Central Africa director said: “This despicable killing of civilians in Mali is the latest episode of a spiral of violence which hit the country. It…

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Sudan: Remove Rapid Support Forces from Khartoum streets immediately

Since 3 June, media outlets have widely reported attacks on protestors with live ammunition, teargas, whips and sticks by the RSF paramilitary officers across Sudan

Following the suspension of Sudan from the African Union after the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) led the horrific slaughter of more than 100 peaceful protestors over the past three days, Amnesty International’s Secretary General Kumi Naidoo said: “The Transitional Military Council of Sudan must immediately withdraw all members of the…

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Zimbabwe: Authorities escalate attack on human rights defenders

The two activists arrested today are also likely to be charged with subverting a constitutional government

Zimbabwean authorities have this afternoon arrested two more human rights defenders at the Harare airport in a mounting onslaught on the rights to freedom of expression and association, Amnesty International said today. The two, Stabile Dewah (35) and Rita Nyamupinga (61), bring to seven the number of human rights defenders…

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Somalia: Social media shut down over exam leakages unjustified

Somalia’s Education Minister Abdullahi Godah Barre cancelled the national secondary examination which began on 11 May after discovering that exam papers had been leaked

Responding to reports that Somalia’s education minister has announced that social media may be shut down for five days from 27 to 31 May as one of the ways to stop cheating in the national secondary school exams, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn and the…

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Sudan: Omar al-Bashir must face justice for recent and past crimes

It should not be forgotten that the Sudan Transitional Military Council also bears responsibility for failing to protect peaceful protestors

Following the announcement by Sudan’s Public Prosecutor that he will charge former president Omar al-Bashir with the recent killing of protestors, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes, Seif Magango said: “While this promises to be a first step towards holding al-Bashir accountable for…