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General Inspector for Educational Services meets teachers from public centres in Malabo

Romualdo Obama Nchama, indignant as a result of the massive absence of some teachers from their respective educational centres, saw the need to bring them together on Saturday 26th January, in the sala magna at the Pilar Buepoyo Centre, to indicate the measures to be taken

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea, January 28, 2019/APO Group/ --

This is the first contact maintained with the teachers from the public centres in Malabo since Romualdo Obama was appointed General Inspector for Educational Services. Accompanied by the district inspectors for Malabo and Baney, he declared his concern regarding the various complaints presented regarding some teachers who, at the start of the second term, are not respecting the assigned timetables.

In addition to reminding them of the role they play in society, he commented on their irresponsibility, and stated that, from the time of this meeting, the public centres would be supported, and there would be checks at each centre to check on attendance.

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Text and photos: Sarilusi Tarifa King (DPGWIGE)
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