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Finalists Revealed for inDrive's Supernovas Initiative: Diverse Coaches Poised to Change Children's Lives in Kenya

Unveiling the Game Changers: inDrive's Supernovas Initiative Finalists Ready to Transform Youth Experience in Kenya

Our finalists, regardless of their gender or age, share a commitment to nurturing children's love for football and facilitating their personal growth

NAIROBI, Kenya, September 18, 2023/APO Group/ --

Today, inDrive (, a leading global mobility and urban services platform, proudly announced the finalists for its acclaimed Supernovas initiative. This esteemed international non-profit football project, designed to uplift children in smaller towns and villages, has highlighted its commitment to inclusivity by selecting a diverse range of coaches.

The selection process yielded four remarkable coaches, who emerged as finalists from a pool of highly competitive applicants. They are Janet Magoma Ayonga, Festus Ochieng, Samuel Amos Amukokha, and Brian Ochieng.

Janet Magoma Ayonga:

Janet, who is from Kibera slum, embodies resilience and passion. Her lifelong mission is to instill a love for football in children while fostering their overall development. inDrive is immensely proud to have a female among the final selection of coaches for the project. With her dedication and vast experience, she aims to create an inviting, fun, and inclusive environment where children can thrive physically and socially..

Festus Ochieng:

Festus, who hails from Russinga island, offers a unique blend of heartfelt passion and a deep understanding of his community's children's needs. A football enthusiast from childhood, he transitioned from player to coach. Among his success stories is guiding a young Kenyan girl to become a professional goalkeeper.

Brian Ochieng:

Brian from Mombasa, is a former player for the national team and the Kenyan Premier League until 2017, transitioned into community work. Using sports, art, and literature, he has sought to inspire positive life choices among children. Despite his youth, Brian proves that age does not inhibit the ability to make a significant impact.

Samuel Amos Amukokha:

Samuel from Kitale, is a former local neighborhood team player, who stepped into coaching after his education. He has built strong community ties and understands the importance of involving both children and parents in promoting youth development.

"Our finalists, regardless of their gender or age, share a commitment to nurturing children's love for football and facilitating their personal growth," said Anna Fedorchuk, Head of Sports at Supernovas. "These individuals form the foundation of a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive environment for our young participants. Their focus is not solely on winning but on the joy and growth that come from the journey."

inDrive's comprehensive search for coaches consisted of a two-tier process. Candidates were initially assessed based on questionnaires probing their alignment with the project's values. Those who stood out underwent interviews with ICOACHKIDS, specialists in training coaches for grassroots children's football, leading to the identification of these four exceptional finalists.

ICOACHKIDS, is a renowned organization in youth sports coaching and a trusted partner of Supernovas, will be actively involved in the process. They will conduct training sessions specifically designed for trainers, ensuring that the methodology and skills are imparted effectively. However, it's important to note that while ICOACHKIDS plays a pivotal role in shaping the training aspect, the leadership and overall responsibility for all processes  remains with Supernovas team. ICOACHKIDS will focus on guiding and supporting the finalists in coaching children, ensuring that every action aligns with the developmental objectives of the Supernovas' initiative.

Both inDrive's Supernovas and ICOACHKIDS adhere to a shared ethos, expecting coaches to uphold principles that create a nurturing and positive sports environment. This includes a firm rule against shouting at children, encouraging learning from mistakes, and celebrating each child's unique talents and contributions.

Supernovas Initiative is set to expand into additional African countries where inDrive is already established, as part of its mission to challenge injustices and foster greater opportunities. More than a mere football project, Supernovas is committed to locating and transforming areas where inequity persists by providing a fair and more balanced platform. This includes offering children from smaller communities the opportunity to engage in sports solely for the joy of participation, reflecting our core principles of fairness and equity.

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