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Van Der Merwe Associates releases letter on behalf of Mr. Ajay Gupta requesting the Public Protector follows proper process

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, October 11, 2016/APO/ --

Van Der Merwe Associates has released a letter on behalf of Mr. Ajay Gupta addressed to the Public Protector. Highlights include:

  • There has been full, proactive cooperation by Mr. Ajay Gupta with the Public Protector’s investigation

  • Mr Ajay Gupta’s evidence was given at his/his lawyer’s initiative – not the Public Protector’s

  • There is a significant anomaly: an investigation into the President, that involves and implicates the Gupta Family, didn’t even subpoena the Gupta brothers

  • The Public Protector’s Act clearly allows the questioning and cross-examination of witnesses who have given evidence before the Public Protector, and which is in Mr. Gupta’s rights. The Public Protector ignored this request and entitlement

  • The Public Protector still hasn’t provided a transcript of the interview with Mr. Ajay Gupta and Mr. Gupta was within his rights when this was requested

  • Mr. Gupta’s lawyer argues that the conduct of the Public Protector creates the impression that the Public Protector’s Office had a clear, pre-determined view of how its report would look and evidence gathered was window dressing for a decision reached long before Mr. Gupta’s version was heard or the Public Protector’s version could be tested

  • The Public Protector’s Office has ignored the Act responsible for its very existence

  • Any Report issued cannot be in good faith, and rather is an attempt to publicise Advocate Madonsela’s own views

The publicising of this letter is not an attempt to threaten or intimidate the Public Protector – instead it comes out of despair at the lack of proper process being followed – and the contravention of the Public Protector’s own Act - in an investigation of the utmost importance.

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