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No ordinary irrigation in the Gambia: innovative solar-powered technologies are securing access to water for rural communities

FAO has implemented 34 solar-powered water systems to irrigate community vegetable gardens and provide livestock watering points in villages all over the Gambia

Across many parts of rural Gambia, women farmers often start their days before dawn to ensure that they have enough water to irrigate their gardens and to cook, clean and bathe at home. “Some of us would wake up as early as 3.00 a.m. to 4.00 a.m. just to get…

African Energy Chamber
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    • Marathon Oil Refinery. Image Source: Marathon Oil Refinery
    • Marathon Petroleum's Detroit Facility. Image Source: Hebaco
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Natural Gas Exploitation Key To Solving Africa’s Deforestation, Emissions and Energy Security Issues

Africa’s natural gas resources provide the continent with an opportunity to speed up the energy transition, reduce emissions and deforestation while at the same time addressing energy security

Despite having 620 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves, Africa’s over reliance on wood-based biomass energy remains high, resulting in an increase in land degradation, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions, and in over 900 million people across the continent living without access to clean cooking. However, if fully optimized…

Source: Africa Oil Week |

An African Energy Mix, on Africa’s Terms (By Paul Sinclair)

African producers should be allowed to responsibly develop their energy assets for economic development and job creation in their own economies

By Paul Sinclair, Vice President of Energy & Director of Government Relations, Africa Oil Week ( and Green Energy Summit Africa. As Africa’s energy sector prepares for the forthcoming Africa Oil Week, Dr Omar Farouk Ibrahim, Secretary-General of the African Petroleum Producers’ Organisation (APPO), says the continent must balance the pursuit…

European Investment Bank (EIB)
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    • Providing affordable clean energy access to rural communities in Uganda
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Source: European Investment Bank (EIB) |

Access to Reliable and Affordable Off-Grid Energy to be Transformed Across Benin under New EIB – ENGIE Energy Access Initiative

The European Investment Bank has agreed to provide a EUR 10 million loan to support the deployment of 107,000 high-quality solar home systems to Benin

Scaling up off-grid solar power model for transforming rural energy access across Africa; EIB ( financing to improve access to access to electricity for 643,000 people; Local currency financing to accelerate PAYGO solution for affordable green energy Households, smallholders and entrepreneurs in remote locations across Benin will be able to…

Source: United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) |

New Climate Finance and Energy Innovation Hub to Accelerate Access to Clean and Affordable Energy throughout the Global South

Designed as a global end-to-end policy and finance platform, the Hub will harness the power of financial innovation to ensure maximum leverage

The OPEC Fund for International Development has partnered with the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) to design and deliver a new Climate Finance and Energy Innovation Hub. Set for launch at the COP 27 Climate Change Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in November 2022,…

CrossBoundary Energy Access
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    • Solar panels on PowerGen’s mini-grid at Dukugi, Niger State, Nigeria, financed by CrossBoundary Energy Access, March 2022. Credit: PowerGen
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Source: CrossBoundary Energy Access |

CrossBoundary Energy Access Raises $25 Million from ARCH, Bank of America, and Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund to Finance Solar Powered Mini-Grids in Africa

CBEA’s blended finance approach creates a new model for funding rural electrification in Africa, bringing renewable electricity to one million people once the target $150 million is fully deployed

CrossBoundary Energy Access (CBEA) ( will deploy a total of $50 million in capital to its near-term pipeline of solar mini-grid portfolios.CBEA plans to deploy $150 million to bring clean energy to one million people in Africa. Supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Number Seven (SDG7), Affordable and Clean Power…

Source: Energy Capital & Power |

Top 5 Green Energy Projects to Watch in Mauritania

As Mauritania leads in west Africa’s green energy transition, significant investment is being made in hydrogen, solar and wind energy developments

With a 38% share of renewables in its electricity mix and a 50% target by 2030, Mauritania is a top regional performer in the race towards low carbon power. Not long ago, the nation only had a 35% renewables target for 2035— and yet amidst its further development potential of…

Source: Green Energy Africa |

Africa’s Wind Energy Industry Expected to Diversify as Interest to Harness the Continent’s Wind Grows

So far, only Morocco, Egypt, and South Africa have been truly successful in harnessing their wind potential and attracting private capital to set up wind parks

Outside of a limited number of countries, wind turbines have remained a rare sight in Africa. But this is not for lack of potential. In 2020, a study by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) found that continental Africa possesses an onshore wind potential of almost 180,000 TWh/annum, enough to satisfy…

EnergyNet Ltd.
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    • William Kamkwamba, inventor, engineer, and subject of 2019 Hollywood movie ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’, joins a stellar group of entrepreneurs and global business leaders to discuss ‘empowerment and energy access’ at the Youth Energy Summit (YES!) (1)
    • William Kamkwamba, inventor, engineer, and subject of 2019 Hollywood movie ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’, joins a stellar group of entrepreneurs and global business leaders to discuss ‘empowerment and energy access’ at the Youth Energy Summit (YES!) (2)
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Source: EnergyNet Ltd. |

William Kamkwamba, inventor, engineer, and subject of 2019 Hollywood movie ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’, joins a stellar group of entrepreneurs and global business leaders to discuss ‘empowerment and energy access’ at the Youth Energy Summit (YES!)

YES! will launch a series of focus groups in Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt

“Our vision is to empower 100,000 more ‘Williams’ by aef2029 to close the gap between population growth and energy access.  The initiatives are there, the need is there, the entrepreneurs are everywhere and YES! is here to identify them and provide them the tools to succeed…” Harry Gibson, EnergyNet (…

Source: Energy Capital & Power |

The Gambia Advances on Green Power Reform

Having achieved a renewable energy milestone, The Republic of the Gambia looks to solar and hydropower for additional capacity

With renewable energy accounting for 52.4% of actual total consumption, The Gambia has ensured a fair turning point for its historically energy poor trajectory. The west African country’s energy progress is due to several factors including, legislative reforms which built from its 2013 Renewable Energy Act, combined with pioneering public…