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Cybersecurity in Africa: Many still believe cybercrime ‘won’t affect them’

Criminal masterminds, smart attack vectors, clever phishing tactics and sophisticated cybercrime methodologies are putting people and platforms at risk

The digital landscape is overflowing with an ever-evolving array of solutions and services created to make lives easier, offices smoother and engagements richer. Smartphones, applications, social media, artificial intelligence (AI) platforms and multiple other tools have all become part and parcel of daily life on the African continent, transforming how…

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United Nations (UN) Women Rwanda stirs hope among young women through the SheCanCODE software and web development training program

SheCanCode Bootcamp is a full-stack coding bootcamp with the aim to help women in Rwanda gain in-demand software and web development skills to start their careers in the tech industry

On 9 December 2022, the seventh cohort of 52 young women and girls graduated from an advanced 14-week computer programming program delivered by the SheCanCode academy with financial support from UN Women Rwanda under the Joint Youth Programme funded by Multi Partner Trust Fund (MPTF)/SIDA. Among them, the ten most…

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ChatGPT: What Cybersecurity Dangers Lurk Behind this Impressive New Technology? (By Anna Collard)

ChatGPT, a chatbot that uses deep learning techniques to generate text and conversations that can convince basically anyone that it was written by a real person

By Anna Collard, SVP Content Strategy & Evangelist at KnowBe4 Africa ( It is now possible to use a publicly available artificial chatbot to generate a complete infection chain, possibly beginning with a spear phishing email written in entirely convincing, human-like language and eventually causing a complete takeover of a…

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African tech companies turn environmental sustainability to their advantage

Known as electronic waste, or e-waste, from old devices accounts for 70% of the world’s toxic waste

The world trashes more and more electronics every year. A new ITC workshop shows African tech companies how handling e-waste better can save money and create new exports Esther Yeboah uses a lot of devices. She works for 365 Impact Ltd, a company in Ghana that uses tracking devices to…

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Industrial cybersecurity challenge in Africa for 2023: defences in energy and mining need to be strengthened

While traditional cybersecurity solutions focus on data-oriented businesses, ICS protection is geared towards OT security where it is all about cyber-physical companies

Throughout 2022 (, 40% of industrial control system (ICS) computers globally were attacked with malware. In Africa, the figure sits at 47% according to Kaspersky ( ICS CERT*. For countries monitored on the African continent, the three countries which experienced the most attacks on ICS infrastructure were Ethiopia (62%), Algeria…

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Unified communication and collaboration trends for 2023 (By David Meintjes)

Omni channel communications, as predicted for the past few years, has seen rapid uptake, with businesses using websites and social media channels alongside email and audio

By David Meintjes, CEO of Telviva ( As businesses continue evolving to meet changing customer behaviour, the uptake and investment in cloud unified communications platforms and tools will continue to soar. Businesses are increasingly realising that they must meet customers at a time and digital channel of their choosing, which…

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Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) Established a 3D Robotic Coding Lab in a University in Somalia

It is aimed to increase the Somalian students’ knowledge, skills, and proficiencies in the technological field

A “3D Robotic Coding Lab” was established within the Department of Computer Engineering at Zamzam Foundation University in Somalia with support from Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA). A 3D Robotic Coding Lab was established for the benefit of the students of Computer Engineering at Zamzam Foundation University in Mogadishu,…

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The extremely unsecure crystal ball: Cybersecurity 2023

Cybercriminals are limbering up for another year of security contortions

Looking at the cybercrime statistics of the year is always a sobering exercise. In 2021 and 2020, the landscape was filled with new vulnerabilities and fresh attack vectors thanks to the radical changes in working environments, approaches and investments. Companies went remote and then hybrid. Employees went home and then…

Ghana Communication Technology University
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Ghana's Newest University is Putting West Africa at Forefront of the Digital Revolution

The newly reformed institution is envisioned to become the premier technology institution in West Africa for equipping students and educators in the technology space

As part of a national drive to put Ghana at the forefront of the digital revolution in Africa, the former Ghana Technology University College has been granted university status and reformed to become the Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU) (; The newly reformed institution is envisioned to become the premier…

Huawei Enterprise
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Fostering Innovation in Education: Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Adopts Huawei OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage System

CPUT's vision is to be at the heart of education and innovation in technology, across Africa

South Africa's Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) is the only university of technology in the Western Cape and is also the largest university in the province. Ranked among the top 12 universities in South Africa in 2020, it is home to more than 30,000 students and over 70 programs,…