Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA)
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Canon Discovery Week continues in Nairobi, with in-store discounts throughout July to further develop relationship with customers

Second edition of Discovery Week well received by Kenyans who came in large numbers to exchange with Canon's experts and improve their knowledge of photography

Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) ( a leader in imaging solutions, launched the Canon Discovery Week in Nairobi the 1st July with a photo safari and Wildlife photography Master Class led by the Canon ambassadors Jonathan and Angela Scott. Discovery Week is a consumer engagement to build a closer…

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Public Designation, Due to Involvement in Significant Corruption, of the Republic of Cameroon’s Jean Claude Ango Ango

In addition to the designation of Mr. Ango Ango, the Secretary is also publicly designating Mr. Ango Ango’s spouse, Ms. Engono Akomo

The Secretary of State is publicly designating the Republic of Cameroon Inspector General of the Cameroonian Gendarmerie, Colonel Jean Claude Ango Ango, due to his involvement in significant corruption related to wildlife trafficking. This designation is made under Section 7031(c) of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs…

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
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    • In South Sudan, the number of severely food insecure people was estimated at almost 7 million, 60 percent of the population, as of May-July 2019. Women weeding a field in Torit, South Sudan
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Protracted conflicts and adverse weather conditions exacerbate food needs

41 countries in need of food assistance – African Swine Fever threatening food security of a large number of people

Ongoing conflicts and dry weather conditions remain the primary causes of high levels of severe food insecurity, hampering food availability and access for millions of people, according to the Crop Prospects and Food Situation report issued today. The report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states that 41…

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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Helps Mozambique Tackle Animal Diseases After Floods

The assistance will be used to monitor diseases such as the mosquito-borne Rift Valley fever, which can be passed to people who come into direct contact with infected animals

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has delivered emergency supplies to help Mozambique fight outbreaks of animal diseases such as African swine fever, foot and mouth disease or Rift Valley fever that could threaten people and livestock in the aftermath of floods caused by recent cyclones. The assistance is in…

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
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Tiny fish are a big deal in Africa’s lakes and rivers

New Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) study urges smarter use of small pelagic species to bolster both food security and sustainable ecosystems

Small freshwater fish around Africa offer a large and underrecognized  opportunity to boost food and nutrition security, according to a new FAO working paper investigating an array of species and related livelihoods that too often are undervalued. Small pelagic fish, generally processed, sold and eaten whole, account for three quarters…

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A renewed hope for livestock owners in Sudan

The vaccination programme jointly undertaken by the ICRC and the Sudanese Ministry of Animal Resources aims at vaccinating livestock against common diseases

Musa, was one of the scores of livestock owners who brought their cattle to the vaccination centre in Wadaa in North Darfur, to be vaccinated during a vaccination programme organised by the ICRC. It was unusual that he accompanied them to the vaccination site, rather than send one of his…

AGCO Corporation
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    • Left to Right_ Mr. Almeida S. A. Tomaz_Chairman and CEO, AT Capital S.A AND Mr. Nuradin Osman AGCO Vice President and General Manager, Africa
    • Mr Nuradin Osman_AGCO Vice President and General Manager, AFRICA_speaking at the Agribusiness 2.0 Plenary Session of the 12th US-Africa Business Summit in Maputo, Mozambique
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AGCO Africa providing mechanization for a key Agri project in Mozambique

The aim of the Parque Agro-industrial de Moamba (PAM) agricultural project is to build reliable and resilient food production capacity in Mozambique

AGCO ( and AT Capital S.A have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate and work together towards the implementation of the Parque Agro-industrial de Moamba (PAM) Agri-Industry Park in Maputo, Mozambique. The announcement was made at the sidelines the 12th U.S. - Africa Business Summit “Advancing a Resilient and…

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Greenpeace: Fishmeal industry stealing regional food and livelihoods in West Africa

All three species of fish used for fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) are essential for food security, and already overexploited

Greenpeace ( is calling on West African governments to immediately phase out the wasteful fishmeal and fish oil (FMFO) industry, to stop the threat to regional fish stocks essential for the food security and livelihoods of local people, outlined in a new Greenpeace report released today. The report, entitled A…

Commonwealth Secretariat
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    • Innovators from Africa recognised at Commonwealth 70th anniversary
    • Elizabeth Kperrun of Nigeria (centre) with The Duke of Sussex and the Secretary-General
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Innovators from Africa recognised at Commonwealth 70th anniversary

Fifteen trailblazers won the Commonwealth Secretary-General’s Innovation for Sustainable Development Award, with winners attending a special ceremony on Friday, 14 June

The Duke of Sussex presented prizes to innovators in international development at a garden party celebrating the Commonwealth’s 70th anniversary in London. Fifteen trailblazers won the Commonwealth Secretary-General’s Innovation for Sustainable Development Award, with winners attending a special ceremony on Friday, 14 June. Amongst them was Elizabeth Kperrun from Nigeria…

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
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    • An ASTF women support group promoting diversification and improvement of agricultural production in Gafati, Niger
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Renewing solidarity to tackle Africa's hunger and poverty challenges

Heads of states, ministers and other development actors focus on the role of the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund

The Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF), a powerful demonstration of solidarity among African countries to improve agriculture and food security, needs to forge broader partnerships and explore innovative financing mechanisms to tackle the challenges facing the continent. This was FAO's message at the opening today of a ASTF Round Table…