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Malawi curbs cholera through enhanced outbreak control

Through the work of community health volunteers, active search finding of acute watery diarrhoea cases enables health workers implement targeted measures to prevent infection spread

Although Malawi continues to record only sporadic cholera cases, with just an average of 10 cases a week as of January 2024 compared with close to 700 cases per week at the peak of the outbreak in January 2023 – infection control measures are being applied rigorously to further curb…

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Malawi ‘s ratification of World Health Organization's (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control comes into effect

The Convention, which Malawi ratified in August 2023, is a crucial international treaty designed to address the severe public health risks associated with tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke

Today the Government of Malawi’s ratification of the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) came into effect. With this historic decision, Malawi joins a community of 182 other Parties to the Convention, affirming the country’s high-level political commitment to combatting the global tobacco epidemic and prioritizing…

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Malawi Takes Bold Steps to Combat Cholera Through Multisectoral Strategy

Dr Fred Kapaya, a cholera expert from World Health Organization African Regional Office (AFRO) supports Member States in the region with cholera preparedness and response

Malawi is the first country in Africa to utilize the recently updated Global Task Force for Cholera Control tool to identify priority areas for multi-sectoral interventions (PAMIs, also called hotspots) for cholera control. A timely approach as the country embarks on a roadmap to develop a multi-sectoral cholera control strategy.…

World Health Organization (WHO) - Malawi
Source: World Health Organization (WHO) - Malawi |

Malawi undergoing National Cholera Outbreak Review

Director of Water Supply Services in the Ministry of Sanitation says the burden of public health emergencies continue to overstrain the capacity of response in resources and partner support

The Ministry of Health has convened a National After-Action Review AAR meeting to reflect on the response to the recent Cholera outbreak. The aim of the review is to share lessons, challenges, and document best practices to improve public health emergency response. Speaking at the opening, WHO Country Representative Dr…

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Malawi: Phase 2 polio campaign- a timely intervention

This second round of polio vaccine underscores the impact this case has made in driving collective efforts and commitment towards protecting all children

Malawi is running a second phase of a national polio vaccination campaign targeting over 9.5 million children below the age of 15 years in all districts of Malawi running from 13th to 16th September. Immunizing all children including those that previously received in the past. According to WHO’s Dr Boston…

World Health Organization (WHO) - Malawi
Source: World Health Organization (WHO) - Malawi |

Flashbacks: Cholera- a battle well fought together

Key output from the local leader’s engagement meetings was the development of multisectoral community action plans to end cholera in their communities

In line with the President of Malawi’s launch of “Tithetse kolera campaign”, RCCE integrated community-based interventions designed by Ministry of Health with support from the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce cholera cases and deaths in the communities.  “WHO appreciates government’s efforts to contain the outbreak and we will continue…

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Teach them young- A sustainable approach to cholera prevention

In June 2023, Ndirande Hill primary was selected as one of fourteen schools to participate in video filming sessions focused on educating learners about cholera prevention

Nestled on the outskirts of Blantyre district, Ndirande Hill primary school stands as a beacon of hope for its 1,666 learners. It is surrounded by weathered and corrugated houses. Many of the students' families struggle to make ends meet in their daily lives. The Cholera outbreak is another burden to…

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The nightmare of underserved populations during the Cholera outbreak

The District EPI Officer, Wasili Mathumula, encouraged community members to receive OCV jabs from the nearest health centres

In Malawi's Thyolo district's Savala Village, a family huddles under a mango tree as they anxiously await their Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) shots. The family consists of a grandfather, grandmother, brother, daughter, and grandchildren, with the youngest just one year old. The family lives in fear of contracting cholera as…

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Africa seeks Climate Justice for Health

The main objective of the meeting is to identify common agenda and position for Africa for sustained inclusion of health in the climate change narrative

A Regional Summit on Health and Climate Change for the African Region is taking place at BICC in Lilongwe in pursuit of a unified African position on health in climate change negotiations. The summit has brought together delegates from African states and various development partners, state and non-state actors (Afidep,…

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World Health Organization (WHO) community sensitisation in Malawi’s Southern Region halts cholera outbreak

Ending cholera in Malawi would require a concerted effort from all partners, but the engagement of local leaders has brought hope to the community of Kulima

Aubrey Timoti is not willing to take chances when it comes to sanitation issues in his community after witnessing his neighbours lose two children to cholera. Timoti (28) from Kulima village in Malawi’s Chikwawa District in the Southern Region is an advocate for the setting up of Oral Rehydration Points…