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Cameroon continues it's troubling descent

Political leaders in the U.S. have begun to speak up, while certain sectors of the U.S. government have also taken actions to hold Cameroonian leaders accountable

Despite somewhat slipping from global headlines in recent weeks, Cameroon has nonetheless maintained its death spiral. The root cause of the crisis can be unequivocally placed ( at the doorstep of the Presidency, or the Geneva Intercontinental Hotel, where President Paul Biya spends much of his time. As we have…

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Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis: The imminent brink of war

The conflict in the Southern region of Cameroon is part of the long-standing Anglophone problem

By Onome Amawhe In a renewed attack, Cameroonian government forces struck the Anglophone province of Ossing in Manyu division in the early hours of Sunday, 10th October, killing and maiming  scores of civilians with many displaced. This fresh attack follows Thursday Massacre in Besongabang, another Anglophone village in what is…

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President Biya: Do the Right Thing and Give Cameroon its Chance at Democracy 8 October 2018

As expected, voter turnout was woefully low and the fleeting hopes of many — both in Cameroon and worldwide — were dashed by the highly visible and ominous presence of the country’s security forces

On Sunday, October 7, citizens across Cameroon bravely queued to vote in a momentous election. President Paul Biya, Africa’s oldest head of state, and in power since 1982, stood for a seventh term amid credible allegations of vote rigging (, electoral fraud, targeted threats of violence, and an ongoing, bloody…