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Coronavirus in Africa could reverse 30 years of Wildlife conservation gains, harming interconnected communities and livelihoods (By Edwin Tambara)

Growing strains on local economies have led to concerns about food security

By, Edwin Tambara, African Wildlife Foundation ( For wild animals in Africa on the verge of extinction and the tight knit communities who protect them, COVID-19 is a specter, disrupting a delicate balancing act of survival for both humans and endangered species. African officials and conservation experts from Kenya, Uganda…

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)
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    • Kaddu Sebunya - President of African Wildlife Foundation
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Source: The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) |

Kaddu Sebunya Elected President of African Wildlife Foundation

Ugandan conservationist will be a vocal, visible voice for wildlife in a modern Africa

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) ( announced today it has elected Ugandan native Kaddu Kiwe Sebunya to serve as its new President. Sebunya will focus on advancing a clear policy agenda for wildlife as part of Africa’s future, ensuring the continent’s blueprint for development and growth includes space and protections…