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Sending refugees to Rwanda, or anywhere else, will never be an effective solution, warns International Rescue Committee (IRC)

IRC UK Responds to the Passing of the Safety of Rwanda Bill

Denisa Delić, Director of Advocacy, International Rescue Committee UK, said,  “Irrespective of the passage of the Safety of Rwanda Bill, sending refugees to Rwanda is an ineffective, unnecessarily cruel and costly approach.   Rather than outsourcing its responsibilities under international law, we urge the government to abandon this misguided plan and…

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A new study by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and partners reveals women and children are bearing the brunt of the ongoing conflict in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The study by IRC, the Ecole Regionale de Santé Publique of the Université Catholique de Bukavu (ERSP-UCB), and partners reveals attacks against healthcare in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) impact women and children the most

DRC suffered 159 documented attacks against healthcare facilities in 2022. In the case study areas, healthcare facilities cease operations for up to 4 weeks following an attack; Women avoid seeking antenatal and postnatal care in attacked health centers, risking maternal and infant lives; Shortages of medicines and parental fear endanger malnourished children; Local…

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Funding cuts could increase health and protection risks in Ugandan refugee settlements as more Sudanese refugees arrive, warns International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Sudan has now become the nation hosting the highest number of displaced individuals, and faces the world's largest child displacement crisis

Since the start of the Sudan conflict in April 2023, Uganda has received over 15,000 Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers. Additionally, nearly 40% of the total number of refugees that have arrived in the country since January 2024 are from Sudan. The IRC Uganda country program is grappling with significant funding cuts exceeding 30%…

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Sudan: International Rescue Committee (IRC) faces an over 40% increase in aid shipping costs amid Red Sea disruption

The IRC has been compelled to seek alternative routes for the delivery of essential pharmaceutical supplies which are critical for life saving health services

Due to escalating security concerns and attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea, our carrier has made the difficult decision to suspend operations to Port Sudan through the Red Sea route. As a result, the IRC has been compelled to seek alternative routes for the delivery of essential pharmaceutical…

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Poor humanitarian access to displaced populations puts thousands at risk in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), warns International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Sustained funding is needed to provide vital assistance and protection to those affected by the crisis, including displaced populations and host communities

Over 135,000 people have been displaced by ongoing violence since January; Over 600 people have been killed in the last 90 days; Almost 800 people have been injured during continued violence; Almost 200 people have been abducted by non state armed groups.  The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is concerned about the escalating humanitarian…

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Sudan facing catastrophic hunger crisis

The IRC, along with other humanitarian organizations, is calling for an urgent scale up of food and cash assistance, as well as water, sanitation, and hygiene support to address this growing humanitarian crisis

Eatizaz Yousif, Country Director, IRC, Sudan said; "Following continued violence since April of last year, Sudan now faces the most severe hunger levels ever witnessed during what should be the harvest season—a time when food is typically more plentiful. Based on available data, discussions with experts as well as what IRC…

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As Israel advances towards Rafah, International Rescue Committee (IRC) calls for a ceasefire to prevent the destruction of Gaza’s last refuge

The IRC urges an immediate halt to the fighting, and for all parties with influence to exert it and bring about a sustained ceasefire

As Israel advances towards Rafah, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) reiterates the urgent call for a sustained ceasefire. Military operations in Rafah will significantly disrupt aid transfers from Egypt and prevent aid agencies from delivering even the most basic services to the Palestinian people who were told by Israel they…

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United States (U.S.) Ambassador witnesses' transformative impact of International Rescue Committee's (IRC) Women Protection and empowerment center in Turkana, Kenya

Traditional perceptions render girls' education optional, with the most recent figures suggesting that only 41 percent of Turkana young women aged 15-24 are literate

The United States Ambassador to Kenya, Margaret Whitman, paid a visit to the International Rescue Committee's (IRC) Women Empowerment Centre in Lodwar, a hub of resilience and empowerment that serves as a safe space for women and girls in the community to access vocational training and crucial psychosocial support services,…

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Mali: humanitarian conditions worsen as over 4,000 new IDPs arrive this week in Menaka, warns International Rescue Committee (IRC)

In addition to this massive influx of displaced people, the town of Ménaka has been experiencing access problems since December 2023

7.1 million people; around 32% of the total population are in need of humanitarian assistance in Mali; Menaka region alone registered 4690 new IDPs in the last week; IRC calls for greater access to urgently needed humanitarian aid. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is drawing attention to the worsening humanitarian situation in…

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International Rescue Committee (IRC) raises alarm as cholera outbreak surges in Somalia, following El Niño rains

The outbreak presents a grave public health crisis, with the majority of cases being severe and affecting the most vulnerable population

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is sounding an alarm following a rapidly spreading cholera outbreak in Somalia’s central region of Hiraan following intense flooding caused by El Niño rains. The outbreak presents a grave public health crisis, with the majority of cases being severe and affecting the most vulnerable population.…