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Source: Bugala Farmers Association |

Video News Release: Bidco vs Uganda’s farmers – who do you believe?

Farmers association says Bidco’s pronouncements fall flat, calls for a coalition to fight against company’s influence peddling

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The Bugala Farmers Association, which represents over 100 subsistence farmers fighting edible oil conglomerate Bidco’s land-grabbing, has dismissed the company’s attempts to portray its Ugandan palm oil business as “clean.” Following their recent petition to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to sever its ties to Bidco, the farmers say…

Source: Bugala Farmers Association |

Ugandan farmers call on United Nations to sever ties with Bidco Africa

Lake Victoria farmers cite Bidco land-grabbing, environmental destruction and human rights violations

The Bugala Farmers Association has called on the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to sever its ties with Bidco Africa, a Kenya-based edible oil producer accused of land-grabbing, human rights violations and environmental disasters in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Over 100 farmers lost their land to Bidco when, in partnership…