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Dazzl appoint APO Group CEO Lionel Reina to company board

Reina brings a wealth of experience in the international technology industry, making him well-placed to advise on strategic decision-making and help take Dazzl to the next stage of their development

Lionel’s appointment reflects the value we place on his experience and knowledge

CESSON-SÉVIGNÉ, France, July 23, 2019/APO Group/ --

Dazzl (www.Dazzl.tv), innovators in live multi-camera video solutions, today announced the appointment of APO Group CEO Lionel Reina (http://bit.ly/2StWLSf) to their company board. It is a move that highlights Dazzl’s ambitions as they look to accelerate their growth and exposure internationally.

Since they burst onto the scene in 2016 Dazzl have disrupted the world of live broadcasting, using social media to make high-quality, real-time video available to all. The company’s immersive technology enables multi-viewpoint content from mobiles, drones and other live sources, creating interactive user experiences that can be published live on diverse social media channels. For the first time, live broadcast-quality content can now be produced from any internet-enabled location using just a smartphone.

As the company enters the next phase of its development, Reina brings a wealth of experience to his role as advisor. His unique expertise covers the worlds of technology, business and media relations at an international level - making him the perfect candidate to help bring Dazzl to new audiences in developing markets.

Reina’s current role has seen him work with leading broadcasters and digital publications – not just in Africa and the Middle East, but all over the world - and he brings a fresh, media-savvy perspective as Dazzl looks to accelerate growth and move to the next level.

Previously, Reina was a CEO Middle East and Africa at Orange Business Services (OBS), the B2B division of French telecoms company Orange. He has also worked as Middle East Director in the Gulf region for Accenture.

Reina has extensive experience working on the boards of diverse organizations all over the world. He is the former Vice President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Dubai, sitting on the board from 2009-2012. During the same period, he was Founder and President of the French Executive Club of Dubai (“Le Club”).

 “Lionel’s appointment reflects the value we place on his experience and knowledge,” said Thierry Scozzesi, co-founder and CEO of Dazzl. “Uniquely, he bridges that crucial gap between technology and media. Lionel operates right at the heart of the international communications community, and we are thrilled that he will be able to help us as we look to bring our services to new audiences all over the world.”

“What Dazzl are doing in the fields of social media and broadcasting is incredibly exciting,” Lionel Reina commented. “They are a young technology company providing new digital solutions that will revolutionize the way people consume information. As CEO of APO Group, I am in the privileged position of being able to help companies like Dazzl gain exposure. I believe they are exactly the type of organization that can complement our own portfolio in the years to come.”

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About Dazzl:
Dazzl (www.Dazzl.tv) is a video streaming platform that allows organizations to capture, edit and distribute live events simultaneously on multiple social media platforms or websites.

Dazzl’s cloud-based video production helps content creators and directors to provide immediacy, immersion and interaction that make their videos highly engaging.

Earlier this month, Dazzl won the Eurovision Services Sport Award for Technology Startup at The Spot 2019 event in Lausanne, Switzerland https://lnkd.in/eGgSmJQ