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Video News Release: African Leader, Donald Duke, bridges the gap with brand new video series

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ABUJA, Nigeria, July 11, 2018/APO Group/ --

“Bridging The Gap” is a video web series that will run over a 10-week period addressing a myriad of topics including education and innovation, conservation, the economy, patriotism and police reform in Nigeria.

The aim of the series is to inspire and engage open discussions among the youths and the inspired on how Nigerians can together think bigger creatively about priorities for the future. What kind of leader do they need and who has the capacity to meet those requirements?  Mr. Duke’s first priority is to listen and to hear those that want to take the journey together towards an augmented leadership. This understanding comes from his over fifteen years in government, and as a natural leader: action speak louder than words. Nigerian youth makes up more than 70% of the population and to have a cohesive dialogue, one must first identify the priorities that will unify a common voice so that a conversation can continue. Each of these episodes will provide a visual journey of this necessary dialogue with the people of Nigeria.

The technological sector is where Nigeria can excel and can compete internationally. Broadcasted on the web via Youtube Channel, the mini serie, Bridging the Gap, becomes an enabler to empower those with a voice and those to be listened to by someone who is interested in what the people have to say. Donald Duke’s ( only agenda, is to structure a road map in an organized dialogue by first doing due diligence: understanding what is most important to the people of Nigeria.

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Presidential aspirant, Donald Duke launches video series on social media - The former governor of Cross River state and Presidential aspirant, Donald Duke has launched a brand new web series called “Bridging The Gap”, aimed at answering some of the big questions in Nigerian society. 
Watch the Youtube Series by Ex-governor & presidential aspirant, Donald Duke inspire the youth to tackle the big issues.

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