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Coronavirus - South Sudan: Young biotechnologists at the forefront of the COVID-19 response

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is supporting healthcare workers with training and technical support on how to screen patients and work safely to protect themselves

Since the novel coronavirus started to spread globally in early 2020, overwhelming the world’s best healthcare systems one after another, countries like South Sudan were bracing for what was yet to come. Exhausted by the years of violent conflict, political instability and economic decline, it was feared that South Sudan’s fragile public…

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World leaders, celebrities to join WHO’s Big Event for Mental Health on 10 October

Close to 1 billion people are living with a mental disorder, 3 million people die every year from the harmful use of alcohol and one person dies every 40 seconds by suicide

On 10 October, World Mental Health Day, world leaders and internationally-recognized celebrities and mental health advocates will come together for the World Health Organization’s Big Event for Mental Health. WHO’s first-ever online advocacy event for mental health will focus on the urgent need to address the world’s chronic under-investment in mental health  ̶  a problem…

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Coronavirus: 4.5 Million African Jobs at Risk due to COVID-19 and Travel Restrictions

172,00 jobs will be lost in aviation alone in 2020

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) warned that the damage being done to the African aviation industry and on economies by the shutdown of air traffic owing to the COVID-19 pandemic has deepened. According to new data published today by the Air Transport Action Group of which IATA is a…

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Delivery of COVID-19 vaccine: DHL study shows how public and private sector can partner for success

White paper identifies critical challenges in COVID-19 logistics

Global delivery of 10 billion doses of serum needs scaled-up medical supply chains; White paper identifies critical challenges in COVID-19 logistics; A framework is provided to tackle future health emergencies beyond COVID-19. With first emergency use authorizations for COVID-19 vaccines expected to be effective in the last quarter of 2020,…

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Stranded migrants need safe and dignified return – UN Migrant Workers Committee

Deep concerns over the situation of migrant workers, especially those detained in Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and in North African countries such as Libya

The UN Committee on Migrant Workers has today called on governments to take immediate action to address the inhumane conditions of migrant workers who are stranded in detention camps and ensure they can have an orderly, safe and dignified return to their home countries. “Migrants, mostly from African and South…

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Coronavirus: International Monetary Fund (IMF) Staff issues an Interim Performance Update to the Board on Rwanda’s Policy Coordination Instrument (PCI)

COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe economic impact on Rwanda through implementation of strict domestic measures to contain the spread of virus and related global spillovers

All end-December 2019 quantitative targets for the second review under the PCI [1] were met and performance on the reform targets was broadly on track; the heavy toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the fiscal targets for end-June 2020 out of reach and hampered progress in advancing the reform…

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Coronavirus: UN welcomes nearly $1 billion in recent pledges - to bolster access to lifesaving tests, treatments and vaccines to end COVID-19

A coalition of 16 pharmaceutical companies and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation signed an agreement to cooperate on vaccine manufacturing and to scale up production

New commitments from governments, international organizations and the private sector support unified approach to end pandemic, backing a response of unprecedented scale, scope and speed­—through the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator­—as pandemic claims more than 1 million lives Recent Commitments at a Glance:   United Kingdom – £571m (US$ 732m)…

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Coronavirus: Regional Director press briefing statement

COVID-19 has shown that the world was very much underprepared to respond

By Regional Director, WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean COVID-19 is now a part of our daily lives. It is affecting the way we work, learn, communicate and manage our relationships. While people are eager to return to their normal lives, the reality is that the situation is not getting any better.…

Ministry of Health - Republic of Uganda
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Coronavirus - Uganda: Daily COVID-19 update (30 September 2020)

Results from COVID-19 tests done on 30 September 2020 confirmed 158 new cases. The cumulative confirmed cases are 8,287. - Recoveries: 4,430 The breakdown of the new cases is: - Contacts and Alerts (125): Kampala (76), Kabarole (4), Mbarara (4), Wakiso (4), Butambala (3), Kitgum (3), Mbale (3), Nabilatuk (3),…