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Coronavirus - Madagascar: UNICEF ensures the continuity of health services to save lives

Children in Madagascar as elsewhere suffer and more often die from familiar diseases (diarrhea, respiratory diseases, malaria, measles, etc.) than from COVID-19

Coronavirus has disrupted health services, thus reducing attention and support for basic health services. In Madagascar, as elsewhere in the world, interventions remain focused on the response to COVID-19. Indeed, in countries with already fragile health systems, COVID-19 is disrupting supply chains for medical supplies and is putting pressure on…

UNICEF Madagascar
Source: UNICEF Madagascar |

Coronavirus: Madagascar Country Office - Covid-19 response

About 240,200 families have received a cash transfer of 100,000 Ariary (26 USD) to meet their basic needs under the first wave of cash distribution

Highlights From May 17th to August 13th, 2020, the positive COVID-19 cases growth increased from 304 to 13,397 cases with 1.16 % of fatality rate in of 22 affected regions. Overall, the epidemic is taking a decreasing curve mostly lead by Analamanga region while Atsinanana seems out of risk. The…