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    • Yves Eonnet, CEO & Co-founder TagPay
    • From left to right: Henri-Pierre Druaut, Partner Onepoint Hérvé Manceron: COO & Co-founder TagPay Alexandre Maymat, Head of Africa, Mediterranean & Overseas at Société Générale Yves Eonnet, CEO & Co-founder TagPay
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“Africa is the Silicon Valley of banking”, say co-founders of TagPay

The bank of the future is being invented in Africa, and it is more agile and close to its customers

The rise of fintechs might be shaking up the banking sector in developed countries, but African banks are taking full advantage of this technological revolution. So argue the co-founders of TagPay (en.TagPay.fr), Yves Eonnet and Hervé Manceron, in their new analysis of the digital revolution, Fintech: The Banks Counter-attack. The…