Smart Cities Global Investment & Technology Summit
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A view from the top: Why Silicon Valley is decamping to Algiers

Algerian tech sector has untapped potential, digital revolution to have positive knock-on effects on Algerian ecosystem say Silicon Valley VCs

The value of venture capital investment is fuelling Africa’s emerging technology landscape. Whilst Kenya’s Silicon Savannah ecosystem has been at the forefront of the narrative over the past decade, the rise of infrastructure development opportunities within Northern Africa has become an increasingly attractive proposition to the Silicon Valley investment community.…

Source: Smart Cities Global Investment & Technology Summit |

The African Tech Hubs pioneering innovation: How digital transformation can drive growth and job creation across emerging economies

Innovation and entrepreneurship play an ever-increasing role in growing Africa’s emerging technology ecosystem. According to research by the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator (, over the past two years alone, Africa has seen the number of innovation hubs double. Whilst the big 3 cities – Nairobi, Lagos, Cape Town – have been dominating…