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    • Hemafuse, an autotransfusion device, is an alternative to donor blood
    • A mock surgery of Hemafuse in action
    • The group photo is Tim, Sisu's Senior Product and Training Specialist, demonstrating how to use Hemafuse at the launch of the Nairobi Beyond Zero Medical Safari held at Uhuru Park Nairobi on 25 January 2020
    • A headshot of Dorothy Kesewah Denkyi, a theatre nurse at Tema General who's testimonial is quoted in the release
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Now your own blood can save you: autotransfusion device Hemafuse will revolutionize blood access across Africa, now available in Ghana and Kenya

Hemafuse was created for patients suffering from internal bleeding resulting from trauma, ruptured ectopic pregnancies, or for use in planned surgeries

Hemafuse, a surgical autotransfusion device, will revolutionize blood access across Africa. Hemafuse is designed to salvage and recycle whole blood from cases of internal bleeding. The device can be used in both emergencies and scheduled procedures to recover blood from where it pools inside of a patient, into a blood…