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Postponement of elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo is extremely dangerous

President Kabila has been pushing back elections since his constitutionally mandated term ended in 2016, which has led to an increase in violence and insecurity across the country

The postponement of elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is worrying and potentially dangerous for the Congolese people and for aid agencies working to address massive humanitarian need in the country, including the second largest Ebola outbreak in history. While the International Rescue Committee acknowledges the importance of…

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While a peace deal is celebrated in South Sudan, the transitional government must address the extreme hunger facing the South Sudanese people

Despite some violations of the ceasefire, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is encouraged by signs the war in South Sudan may finally be coming to an end

Today, thousands will gather in Juba to celebrate the signing of a peace deal and the hopeful end to a five-year long civil war. Martin Okumuba, South Sudan Country Director at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), said: “The IRC is encouraged that warring parties were able to put aside differences…

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Ebola: Delays cost lives, threaten deadly spread to surrounding countries

Funding and support in surrounding countries like Central African Republic and South Sudan is required now to ensure appropriate preparedness

High risk of spread nationally and to surrounding countries. Preparedness means rapid response in DRC and action now in South Sudan, Central African Republic and other countries in the region. International response cannot afford bureaucratic delays for funding or access. IRC launched a response within days of the outbreak. Despite…