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Joint statement by David Miliband and Somalia's Special Envoy for Drought Response, Abdirahman Abdishakur, as famine declaration looms in Somalia

Uniquely vulnerable to food insecurity, East Africa is now mired in the lingering economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, escalating internal conflict, rising food and fuel prices

 As world leaders gather at this year’s UN General Assembly, David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, and Abdirahman Abdishakur, Special Presidential Envoy for Drought Response for the Federal Republic of Somalia, issue a joint statement on the impending famine in Somalia and need for urgent action. …

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United Nations Announces Famine at the door in Somalia: International Rescue Committee Warns Millions of Lives at Risk as Drought Continues to Cause Extreme Hunger

East Africa is home to some of the IRC’s longest-running programs globally, with operations in Somalia for over 40 years, Kenya for 30 years and Ethiopia for 20 years

As the United Nations announces ‘famine is at the door’ in Somalia, IRC is warning that millions of lives are at stake if world leaders do not immediately and urgently ensure committed funds reach implementing partners and front-line organizations working directly on the ground. Thousands of people have already lost…

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International Rescue Committee (IRC): As the Death Toll Mounts in the Med, Europe Must Urgently Expand Safe Pathways for People on the Move

The IRC calls on the EU to urgently expand safe, regular pathways to protection in Europe so people are not forced to risk their lives crossing the deadly Central Mediterranean Sea

The International Rescue Committee is calling for urgent action from the EU and its member states as the number of refugees and other migrants risking the treacherous journey from northern Africa to Europe continues to increase. According to UNHCR, more than 35,000 people have arrived in Italy by sea so far…

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International Rescue Committee (IRC) Warns: 3 Million Face Life-Threatening Hunger without Urgent Funding as Unprecedented Famine Threatens East Africa

IRC’s annual Watchlist identifies the top countries most at risk of deteriorating from a humanitarian perspective over the course of the year

IRC teams report that people have already started dying of hunger in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya; 20 million will go hungry across the region by September - with at least 3 million facing emergency and catastrophic levels of hunger, risking death; In 2011, 260,000 died of starvation - equivalent to 6.5…

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International Rescue Committee (IRC) Records 265% Rise in Nutrition Cases as Risk of Catastrophic Famine in Somalia Increases

250,000 people, half of whom were children, died during the 2011 famine which came after three consecutive seasons without adequate rainfall and the humanitarian response plan was less than 50% funded

265% increase in severely malnourished children under the age of 5 in one IRC clinic alone in Somalia between April-May 2022; 200% price increase in fuel and malnutrition treatment since outbreak of war in Ukraine, severely impacting aid delivery - 230,000 people already living in famine conditions; 7 million of…

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Continued drought will cause catastrophic humanitarian need in horn of Africa in coming months, warns IRC

The IRC is calling for immediate and urgent scale up of humanitarian assistance to avert a humanitarian catastrophe affecting at least 25 million people in the horn of Africa

The IRC is extremely concerned by the continued drought across the horn of Africa over the last few months. Consecutive seasons without adequate rainfall is driving massive humanitarian need as people in agro pastoral communities struggle to cultivate crops and keep livestock alive to eat and sell. The IRC is…

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Driest conditions in Ethiopia and Somalia seen in forty years threaten the wellbeing of millions

More people are going hungry as food and water prices rise, community members are selling their property at lower prices and even being forced to leave their homes

Deteriorating drought in Somalia and south east Ethiopia; the driest conditions seen for this season in forty years in some regions, has led to the worsening of a humanitarian crisis, recent assessments by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) have found. More people are going hungry as food and water prices…

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IRC Calls for Bold Action Around Blinken Africa Visit

Africa still faces a 275 million shortfall of COVID-19 vaccines to reach that target

As US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken continues his visit in Africa, the IRC calls on the US and other wealthy nations to renew efforts to address humanitarian emergencies unfolding across the continent, specifically in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Sudan. While the US has donated millions of vaccines to Africa, Covid-19…

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Worsening drought and conflict drives extreme food needs in Horn of Africa, warns IRC

Cessation of conflict and urgent funding is needed to avert catastrophic hunger needs across the Horn of Africa

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is concerned that multiple seasons of drought plus ongoing conflict in parts of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan will likely result in extreme hunger in the coming months, similar to the drought of 2016. Kurt Tjossem, IRC Regional Vice President for East Africa said: “We’re…

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IRC launches emergency response for over half a million people affected by conflict, Hepatitis E and severe flooding in South Sudan

The ongoing impacts of climate change have caused unusually intense periods of flooding leading to disease and conflict in a country that has faced decades of violence

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is launching an emergency response as conflict, disease outbreaks such as Hepatitis E, and the worst flooding seen in 60 years in most parts of South Sudan leave well over 600,000 people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.  Caroline Sekyewa, IRC South Sudan Country Director,…