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Ethiopia: Ending ‘Emergency’ Should be Step to Broader Reforms

In response to the vote by Ethiopia’s parliament to lift the state of emergency that had been imposed in February, Freedom House ( issued the following statement:   “Lifting the state of emergency is a commendable measure and another indication that the new government, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed,…

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Kenya: Cybercrimes Law Restricts Media Freedom

In response to Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta signing the Computer and Cybercrimes Law, new legislation that allows criminal charges to be brought against persons deemed to have “intentionally published false, misleading or fictitious data,” Freedom House issued the following statement: “The cybercrimes law is another step backward for media freedom…

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Tanzania: Authorities Seek to Muffle Protests

In anticipation of nationwide demonstrations planned for April 26 to protest recent government actions, including limits on criticism of the government, coupled with Tanzanian authorities’ arrests of citizens using social media to encourage people to join the protests, Freedom House issued the following statement: “Tanzania’s government authorities should respect the constitutional…

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Ethiopia: New Prime Minister’s Opportunities for Reforms

In response to Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), electing Dr. Abiy Ahmed as chairman and thus making him prime minister-designate, Freedom House issued the following statement: ‘As he assumes his duties as Ethiopia’s next prime minister, Dr. Abiy should express an  unequivocal commitment to undertake…

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Tanzania: Criticism of President Leads to Imprisonment

These developments together heighten already significant concerns about Tanzania’s commitment to democratic governance and human rights

In response to a court in Tanzania sentencing two opposition political leaders -- Joseph Mbiliyini and Emmanuel Masonga – to five months' imprisonment for using insulting language against President John Magufuli, Freedom House issued the following statement: “The jailing of opposition politicians for expressing their views on issues of public…