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Communications Service Providers Must Transform Themselves to Meet Customers’ Ever-Changing Needs (By Pikie Monaheng)

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for true digitisation as African customers demand a more seamless digital customer experience from their communications service providers (CSPs), writes Pikie Monaheng, CEO at Amdocs South Africa

Pikie Monaheng, CEO at Amdocs ( South Africa. It’s no secret that CSPs need to transform their businesses to compete in the continent’s highly competitive communications landscape and deliver the experiences that customers are demanding today. However, digital transformation is a journey, which takes time. And there are many tasks to…

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Customers demand greater digital engagement from Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

Communication service providers need to transform their IT systems, as well as their approach to customer experience, to meet the growing need of customers in Africa, writes George Fraser, VP: Customer Business Executive - Africa at Amdocs

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the move to digital, as large proportions of the population have continued to work, learn and be entertained remotely, while others have trialled services such as remote health care for the first time. These were amongst the findings of a recent Amdocs ( survey (…