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Two Years after Gambella Murders, Action Against Hunger Renews Call for Justice

Since the beginning of 2021 alone, nearly 200 aid workers around the world have been killed

Two years ago, our beloved colleagues in Ethiopia - Khat Top Gatluack (1989-2019) and Alebachew Yemam Muhuye (1970-2019) - were ambushed and killed by unknown perpetrators dressed in paramilitary uniforms.   Alebachew, a 40-year-old father of six children, was a driver for Action Against Hunger. Khat, 30, helped to lead our community mobilization efforts. These remarkable men were a lifeline to the communities we serve,…

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    • A farmer in his field in Grand Sud, Madagascar. Sandstorms and drought have made planting extremely challenging. Photo: Stéphane Rakotomalala
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Madagascar: “We have nothing to eat because of the drought”

In the country’s Grand Sud region, the worst drought in 40 years is driving a severe hunger crisis

“We have only had three days of rain since the start of 2020. Just three days,” says Rengimana, a community leader in the village of Antanimainty, southern Madagascar. The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat for Rengimana and his community – it is the reality. Longer and more…

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New Data Show Tigray, Ethiopia at Risk of Famine

After nearly nine months of conflict in Tigray, many farmers were forced to miss planting season and will not have harvests

Analysis released today show that up to 400,000 women, men and children in Tigray, Ethiopia are now facing acute food insecurity. At least 33,000 children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition, with a real risk of dying from hunger if they do not receive urgent treatment. Action Against Hunger, a…

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Coronavirus - Ethiopia: 1 in 4 Refugee Children in Pagak are Dangerously Malnourished

Action Against Hunger warns of growing nutrition emergency as COVID-19 leaves thousands of South Sudanese refugees stuck at the border

Action Against Hunger,the world’s nonprofit hunger specialist, today warned of a growing hunger crisis in Ethiopia. Newly released data reveals that nearly one in four South Sudanese refugee children who recently arrived in Gambella suffer from life-threatening malnutrition. COVID-19 cases in the country have more than tripled in the past…

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Coronavirus - Africa: COVID-19 Impact - the seeds of a future hunger pandemic?

This insight reveals, along with previous experiences, that direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on health, hunger, and food insecurity are already extensive

FOREWORD Previous pandemics have demonstrated that more people could die from the indirect consequences of an outbreak than from the disease itself. As the fight against the pandemic is pushing millions into poverty and hunger, COVID-19 will likely be no different. Download Report: With 40 years of experience fighting…

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Coronavirus: Somalia braces for COVID-19 pandemic

The country’s already-strained health system could be pushed to the brink if the coronavirus hits vulnerable communities

As the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelms countries with strong health care systems, Somalia – already reeling from the cumulative effects of multiple recent shocks – is preparing for the worst. The country has experienced conflict, drought, floods, a locust invasion, all in the last nine months. For many of the tens…

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Central African Republic: Concerns for those needing humanitarian assistance grows as aid offices looted in new wave of violence

Direct threats made against international humanitarian organisations in the Central African Republic (CAR) and the looting of aid agencies’ offices, including Action Against Hunger’s, have raised concern for families reliant on humanitarian assistance. CAR is experiencing a new episode of disturbing violence. Families are living in fear of widespread conflict…