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    • PAO Novatech CFO and Deputy Chairman, Mark Gyetvay, to Promote African LNG Opportunities at African Energy Week in Cape Town
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PAO Novatech CFO and Deputy Chairman, Mark Gyetvay, to Promote African LNG Opportunities at African Energy Week in Cape Town

Confirmed as a speaker and panel participant at African Energy Week in Cape Town, Mark Gyetvay, CFO and Deputy Chairman of PAO Novatech will introduce an alternative natural gas narrative, promoting the role of gas and LNG in Africa’s energy future

Gyetvay’s participation at AEW 2021 will not only promote natural gas, but introduce an alternative narrative

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, August 3, 2021/APO Group/ --

Mark Gyetvay, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chairman of Russian natural gas company PAO Novatech, has confirmed his attendance and speaker participation at African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 in Cape Town. With over two decades of experience in the petroleum sector himself, Gyetvay brings with him a wealth of knowledge and valuable expertise, with his participation in the event’s panels driving a discussion on changing the narrative of natural gas, the role of gas in the global energy transition, and emerging trends and opportunities in Africa’s Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) markets.

Having specialized in financial and economic analysis for both upstream and downstream segments of the oil and gas industry, and representing one of the largest LNG producers globally, Gyetvay will introduce a valuable discussion on Africa’s LNG industry, focusing on emerging trends present across the continent. Additionally, Gyetvay will promote Africa-Russia partnerships, building on the success and experience of Novatech in Russia, and promoting the various African opportunities for the Russian gas giant. By promoting the value of LNG for Africa, and introducing knowledge-based ideas and solutions for Africa’s emerging LNG industry, Gyetvay will be a valuable participant at AEW 2021 in Cape Town.

Meanwhile, Gyetvay is a strong advocate for the oil and gas industry, emphasizing the role that the sector plays in reducing energy poverty on a global scale. Representing Russia’s largest independent gas producer – a company that focuses on exploration, production, processing and marketing of natural gas and hydrocarbons across Russia - Gyetvay continues to drive a strong pro-gas narrative, emphasizing the success that the industry has and continues to play in reducing global emissions. By drawing attention to the value of energy, Gyetvay promotes natural gas as the ideal solution to rapidly accelerate access to electricity in Africa, drive economic growth and industrialization, and initiate a constructive, mutually beneficial energy transition. According to Gyetvay, energy is vital in modern day society, and rather than focusing on decreasing supply by eliminating fossil fuels, stakeholders should promote natural gas as a cleaner fuel source that will fulfill global energy demand. With a wealth of experience in the financial, upstream and downstream segments of the petroleum industry, Gyetvay’s participation will be valuable in driving a discussion on the role of natural gas in not only Africa’s, but the world’s energy future.

What’s more, Gyetvay maintains that there is currently no productive dialogue on the topic of natural gas, with environmentalists pushing an anti-fossil fuel narrative that shuts down any opposing arguments. Accordingly, Gyetvay is focused on introducing this narrative, driving a multi-stakeholder discussion on the associated benefits, economic opportunities, and transitional value of natural gas in Africa and beyond. By introducing carbon emission strategies, technological advancements, and the potential of the natural gas industry in driving the energy transition, Gyetvay will promote how the oil and gas industry can change the world, offering an alternative narrative that prioritizes integration and energy growth.

“The oil and gas industry continues to play a critical role in Africa. The continent needs energy and natural gas offers the most suitable solution to address rising demand, alleviate poverty by 2030, and accelerate economic growth. Gyetvay’s participation at AEW 2021 will not only promote natural gas, but introduce an alternative narrative, one that recognizes the role the resource has to play in reducing emissions and fast-tracking energy sector growth. We look forward to a constructive panel discussion whereby Africa’s energy future and the value of natural gas will be emphasized,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

Considered an internationally recognized oil and gas expert, Gyetvay is a highly decorated industry executive, having been rated one of the best CFOs in Russia and one of the top five CFOs in Europe’s oil and gas sector. By participating at AEW 2021, and networking with multiple African and global stakeholders, Gyetvay will bridge the gap between Russian companies and African opportunities, promoting integration and collaboration and further positioning AEW 2021 as Africa’s premier energy event.

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