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Coronavirus - South Sudan: Cash and Voucher Assistance and the Covid-19 Outbreak, South Sudan

Any advice, inputs and comments are warmly welcomed

OSLO, Norway, March 30, 2020/APO Group/ --

This documents intents to provide guidance and advice on how to best adapt Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) programming during the current Covid-19 outbreak and specifically:

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1) How to manage CVA during the outbreak;

2) How to operate while reducing the risk of contamination.

This document (adapted from CashCap global cash community of practice) is a compilation of information from sources that currently are available and relevant to the South Sudan context. This also means that this is a living document, and it will be revised and updated when necessary. Any advice, inputs and comments are warmly welcomed.


  • Coordinate with relevant authorities and coordination bodies such as the health authorities and interagency coordination bodies;

  • Contact donors to understand how flexible they are on programme changing, prioritizing etc.;

  • Update the Cash Working Group of any CVA activity changes and initiatives;

  • Ensure dissemination of preventive guidance and tools within the organisations.

  • Coordinate with other humanitarian agencies, for a joint and harmonized response in case of emergency 1 such as revision of Minimum Expenditure Basket .

  • Continue follow-up the CWG webpages, and CaLP website’s page on COVID-19 related resources, guidance, events and questions.

  • When Rumors rule: Work with humanitarian community to address the rumors and fake news about humanitarian responses.

  • Connect with National Social Protection Working Group, to know how NSPWG partners are changing approaches for social protection or safety nets as per the changing environment.

  • Coordinate internally with global teams within your organizations to understand how and what others are doing regarding cash and vouchers assistance. Look for global service desks your organization might have created one for example WFP has created a Multi-Functional Support team in HQ.

  • All of the clusters have developed their pages, and are regularly uploading information on Covid-19 and responses click here to access the South Sudan-Covid-19 resource materials.
    Global HRP on Covid-19 and CVA (Messages)

  • Scale-up of social assistance systems, and cash transfer programmes with complementary livelihood assistance (including adaptations for remote digital trade/marketing), particularly for rural crop and livestock workers and producers, small/medium businesses, refugees, IDPs, migrants and host populations, and other food-insecure population groups

  • Preserve the ability of people most vulnerable to the pandemic to meet their food consumption and other basic needs, through their productive activities and access to social safety nets and humanitarian assistance

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